November 2021

EBIKE standing near bench

E-Bikes for Beginners

The electric bike is experiencing a mainstream moment. As commuters flee public transportation due to anxiety over Covid-19, the demand for bicycles, including electric models, is surging. According to NPD Group market research, e-bike sales in the US surged 85% in March over the same time last year. Cycling on an e-bike is similar to… Continue Reading E-Bikes for Beginners

Man riding EBIKE

E-Bike Maintenance 101

When it comes to taking care of electric bikes, many working parts need to be maintained. It may seem daunting at first to know what needs to be done and when, but the basics of electric bike maintenance aren’t difficult at all.

two men shaking their hands in front of a golf cart

How to Choose the Best Golf Carts to Gift Someone

Golf carts are one of the best options for recreational vehicles available in the U.S market. They’re more eco-friendly compared to regular cars and provide practical and convenient transportation over short distances. Many states allow children over 14 to drive golf carts unassisted. Moreover, golf carts are also a great option for people who find… Continue Reading How to Choose the Best Golf Carts to Gift Someone

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