A woman just hit a golf ball towards a hole, and a man is waiting for his turn in a golf cart while watching her play.

3 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Did you know: golf is one of the oldest sports in the world that’s still played in the present. It dates back to as far as the 1200s!

Over its long reign as one of the Kings of enjoyable past-times and professional sports, golf has brought good health to those that regularly play it.

Here are the essential health benefits you’ll experience when you play golf.

Benefit #1. Golf Boosts Your Concentration Skills and Brain Power


Golf is a game that consists of moves, counter-moves, and strategy. Playing golf teaches a person accuracy, focus, and control of the micro-muscles in one’s body.

Benefit #2. You Know Your Body Better.


Each swing has to be just right to get the ball where you want it to land. Hit too hard, out of impatience or frustration, and the ball will miss the hole.

But if you’re too afraid of the ball and hit it too gently, it won’t go far.

So, achieving that balance helps you understand both the inanimate objects around you and your own body and strength better.

Benefit #3. Golf Reduces Stress and Improves Heart Health


Golf will improve your heart by improving blood circulation in your body and reducing stress levels. When you play golf with yourself or, better yet, with others, your body automatically lowers its cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

A man and a woman are high-fiving at a golf hole cheerfully in front of their golf cart.

Making a day out of golf and cruising around the course on a golf cart with your family, friends, or professional contacts can boost your sense of belonging and well-being.

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