A couple is cruising through a green area in a residential neighborhood in their golf cart

3 Reasons To Have a Golf Cart in a Residential Neighborhood

There are many ways you can use a golf cart in a residential neighborhood. In fact, in many neighborhoods, especially in high-brow areas and retirement communities, golf carts are staples to get around easily.

Here are the reasons you need one ASAP.

#1. A Peaceful, Mid-Morning Drive Across The Neighborhood


These days with the coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging to see many loved ones or even acquaintances as we used to be able to. In fact, many say that they miss those random coincidental hey‘s and hello there‘s that they exchanged with acquaintances while each went about their days.

In the world of scheduled Zoom meetings, this can be a challenge. Fortunately, using a golf cart to take a stroll through your neighborhood, you can see all the acquaintances and friends you’ve been missing while maintaining social distancing protocol.

#2. Travel To A Shaded Community Picnic Spot


Since golf carts are more open than typical cars while still maintaining windshields, you and your partner can be more at one with nature and experience the outdoors more fully while still having the option to use the A/C if you want to.

#3. Give Your Kids a Nice Outing


Kids’ routines these days can honestly get quite monotonous and unstimulating. Therefore, you must take them out and stimulate their minds outside of screen time. A nice golf cart drive while counting neighborhood dogs or trees can be welcomed relief from everyday stresses for both children and adults alike.

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