A golf cart with a punctured tire

3 Signs It’s Finally Time to Replace Your Golf Cart Tires

Just like normal cars, golf cart tires also wear out with time and need to be replaced. Worn-out tires are dangerous for you and others around you. You have to be very careful and notice the signs when your golf cart needs tire replacement.

In this blog, we’ll explain three significant signs that indicate your tires need to be replaced.

1. Low Pressure

If your tire pressure keeps decreasing despite inflating the tires, the rubber is probably too old or cracked and is unable to hold air pressure inside. The seal could also be proper. Old tire seals tend to leak pressure as well.

There is no solution to leaking air pressure apart from replacing the tires. The problem will only get worse with time, and it’s highly dangerous as the tire can burst, causing an accident and injuries.

2. Frequent Punctures

Driving around a golf course means driving over many sharp objects like stones, blades, or rocks. Does this mean your golf cart’s tire will keep getting punctured? Absolutely not. New tires are very sturdy, and the rubber won’t puncture due to these objects. This is not the case with older tires, though. When older tires go over these sharp objects, they get punctured easily. Frequent punctures can be a hassle and can leave you stranded.

A new golf cart tire with deep treads

Small holes can be covered, but with time the tire will keep getting worn out, and bigger holes are not resealable. The most convenient solution is to get the tires replaced.

3. Treads Wearing Out

The tires’ tread pattern helps maintain traction and provides a good grip on the ground. The treads on tires wear out with time. Although a golf cart’s treads wear out much more slowly compared to other vehicles, they still do wear out and have to be replaced at some point.

Tires with worn-out treads can lead to accidents. Tires need good grip when turning into corners and for braking in time. Both these things, if not done right, can end up in accidents and injuries. Getting worn-out tires replaced must be a priority.

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