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3 Tips for Driving Golf Carts in Winter

Most people winterize their golf carts as soon as the temperature starts to drop. But did you know that you can drive a golf cart safely in the winter months? You don’t need to put your cart away for hibernation if you take the appropriate precautions.

The following winter tips for golf carts will make sure your vehicle stays in good shape no matter how harsh the weather gets.

Stay safe while clearing snowy paths

If snow and ice are in the forecast, your golf cart will come in handy. Although much of South Florida doesn’t see heavy snowfall, even a small dusting of snow or ice can make walking and driving dangerous.

A golf cart will keep you on the path and out of harm’s way while you clear your driveway. If you need to travel on icy roads or driveways, ensure your vehicle is equipped with DOT tires. When you’re running out to get shovels, rock salt, and other essentials to clear out snow, these tires will make sure you travel on snowy roads safely.

Check tire pressure

Tires with low pressure should be inflated but be careful—inflating them too much can damage them. Over-inflating increases the risk of an explosion and decreases the tires’ stability when driving. Pump up the air pressure to the levels specified by the manufacturer. Inspect your golf cart’s tires for debris or damaged treads to ensure safe driving.

If you live in a very snowy region, consider getting your regular tires switched for cold-weather-friendly ones. Check for uneven tread wear by comparing the tread depths of all four tires. You might also need to get the golf cart aligned by a professional before using it in the winter months.

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Gather winter supplies

Always be prepared for the unexpected when driving in wintry conditions. Keep blankets and extra clothing on hand to keep yourself and your passengers warm while traveling. Having a pair of waterproof gloves with a decent grip is always useful when the rain makes the steering wheel slippery. If you’re driving, ensure your golf cart is stocked with ample wintertime supplies.

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