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3 Uses of Golf Carts That Aren’t Golfing

If you’re still on the fence about buying a golf cart because it feels like a pretty hefty investment with limited use—we’re here to tell you you’re wrong.

Golf carts are much more valuable than you think; there’s plenty you can get out of them off the golf court. Well-built golf carts are highly reliable and require little maintenance.

Because of the pandemic, people are looking for an excuse to spend time outside safely—that’s where our golf carts come in.

Here are ways you can use golf carts outside the course:

Personal Transportation

Didn’t think you can use a golf cart for personal transportation? It’s perfectly legal!

According to Florida law, you can ride a golf cart on “golf cart roads”; these are roads with signs that indicate they’re golf cart friendly.

A golf cart is defined as a “low-speed vehicle” that can’t be driven on big roads with heavy traffic and speeding cars; however, they’re great for riding around the block to the neighborhood coffee shop or bookstore.

You can customize your golf cart with accessory lighting, distinct sound and custom paint to keep you safe on the road.

Young people enjoying golf carts off the golf course.


There are plenty of farms in Bonita Springs and houses with vast gardens. If you’re someone who enjoys gardening and farming, then a golf cart can help you get around.

Golf carts are much smaller and lighter than tractors; electric powered ones don’t release any toxic gases, so you don’t have to worry about leaks and harming the environment. They’re also much quieter than heavy-duty vehicles, making them perfect for farms with animals.

Go for an Off-Road Stroll

ATV drivers can tell you all about the thrill of exploring off-road areas around town. When you’re looking for a weekend getaway, getting lost in the woods on a golf cart for a day can be just the adventure you need to break away from your daily routine.

Again, because there are so many customization options available for golf carts, you spruce them up so they’re better prepared to take to rough terrain while keeping passengers safe.

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