4 Exciting Things to Do in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs is a vacationer’s paradise. With so many fun activities and attractions, Bonita Springs receives plenty of tourists every year. As reported by Florida Weekly, the first quarter of 2022 saw 1,126,500 visitors. This marked a good rebound compared to 913,000 visitors in 2021 and was very close to the pre-Covid flux of 1,311,900 in 2019.

Bonita Springs is special because it is home to nature reserves, beaches, and state parks. There is something to do for people of all ages, so it makes for a great family vacation, but it is also a utopia for retired individuals. Golfing is a popular activity in Bonita Springs, and you can find the best golf carts for sale in Bonita Springs with SWFL Golf carts.

1. Golfing in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs has world-renowned and award-winning golf courses. Golf Pass lists some of the best and most rated ones. This includes Bay Island at Bonita Bay Club, Bonita Bay East Cypress Course and Sabal Course, Bonita Fairways Bonita National Golf and Country Club, Hunter’s Ridge Country Club and more.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking to explore these golf courses or just on vacation wanting to enjoy Bonita Springs to the fullest, you need a golf cart.

2. State Parks

Located slightly north of Bonita Springs, Estero Bay Preserve State Park is a compendium of natural ecosystems comprising over 11,000 acres. It has four hikes leading to the trails where wildlife, like tortoises, snakes, birds, lizards, etc., can be spotted.

Lovers Key State Park is home to several barrier islands and a 2.5 miles long beach strip great for collecting shells and bird watching. Golf carts in Bonita Springs come in handy when you’re exploring these parks.

3. Sunny Weather

The sun is always shining in Florida, and Bonita Springs is a great place to catch some sunlight. Whether you decide to go for a swim, sunbathe or go bird watching. Take your street-legal golf cart along, as the windshield, and open exterior will let you enjoy this weather to the fullest.

4. Beach Parks

The beaches of Bonita Springs are also known as the gateway to Gulf. This is due to the picturesque white sand beaches and crystal blue water. The beaches on Bonita Springs are on a barrier island with Estero Bay. Driving in golf carts in Bonita Springs, FL, makes it easy to go around beaches, and if you’re feeling very adventurous and energetic, you can even go beach hopping!

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