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4 Tips to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Clients

When you’re trying to bring a new client on board or retain a great professional relationship with a regular customer, it’s essential to develop robust customer service skills for the best outcome.

Sometimes, it takes a little more than just discussing business to make a lasting impression. You should think of this as an in-depth professional relationship, and work on wowing them through your presence, commitment, and of course, entertain them in the best way possible.

Here is some advice to hold onto when trying to make a great impression:

Do your research and prepare before your meeting

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C client, do your research; not only about their company or business, but their specific interests, visions, and goals. This will help you align with them in the best, most appropriate way possible. It also lets them know that you’re serious and committed to knowing them, their needs, and willing to do whatever you need in order to make this deal work.

Keep your agenda very clear to stay on track

Setting your agenda is not only a great professional habit, but it also keeps your meeting relevant, time-bound, and helps you address any necessary details. Whether you’d like to discuss projected profit, the long-term benefits of your deal, or the nature of the exchange, it gives both parties a chance to prepare ahead of time.

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Cover all essential details and ask meaningful questions

Don’t be afraid of asking difficult questions or talking about complicated answers. The more realistic and honest you are from the get-go, the better the outcome will be in the long run. There could be a lot of uncertainty about the final result of your partnership, but you should try to be as transparent as possible to avoid unnecessary expectations.

Wine, dine and entertain them to show you care

We often forget how important it is to build a rapport with your clients. Not only should you maintain a steady stream of communication—being available across multiple platforms and answering and addressing any questions or concerns they have—but you should also socialize with them. A lot of business deals are sealed over a round of golf, which is why it’s an excellent idea to buy a golf cart for your business. Not only will you be able to take them out for a round whenever you’d like, but you can also use the cart on your business facility.

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