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5 Facts That Will Surprise You about Golf Carts

Over the years, people have come to use golf carts beyond their original purpose, i.e. transporting people and goods over the golf course.   Around the globe, golf carts are being used for various purposes, making them amazing vehicles. However, there are several fun facts about golf carts that you might not know of.

Below are some of the facts regarding golf carts that will leave you amazed!

Originally Made For Physically Impaired Golfers.

We bet you didn’t know that golf carts weren’t meant for everyone to use on the course. They were specifically designed for disabled golfers who found it impossible to walk the long lengths of the golf course. Of course, it didn’t take long for fellow golfers to see how easy traversing was and adopt the idea.


Golf Carts are 80 years old!

Surprised? That is indeed an amazing fact. The very first golf cart was developed in the 1940s. However, they became widespread around the 1950s. Even though these vehicles were born in a golf course, they soon made their way to retirement communities. As the years went by, even apartment complexes and hotel properties started adopting golf carts.

Golf Carts Make A Style Statement!

Who would own a golf cart and not show it off? Did you know that large corporate firms like Disney carry out golf cart parades? Yes! Now, you can show off your vehicles in golf cart parades by extensively decorating them to look like a parade float.

Golf Carts Insurance is a Thing!

Are you aware that thousands of golf cart accidents occur in the US each year? Although some of the accidents are unavoidable and tragic, most of them occur due to recklessness and negligence of drivers. Therefore, several companies have developed an insurance policy designed specifically for golf carts. You probably know this if you have been a regular buyer of golf carts. Nonetheless, we think it is essential that everyone knows about this fact to benefit from it.

Variety in Golf Carts

Last but not least, golf carts come in various shapes and sizes. Some of these are covered golf carts, open carts, slow golf carts, fast golf carts, and off-road golf carts.

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