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5 Tips for Golf Cart Storage During Winter

Electric golf cart owners must take special care of their vehicles throughout the colder months. The cold weather might have an effect on your golf cart’s performance when you finally decide to take it back on the road. However, this won’t be an issue if you store it properly.

Here are some basics of golf cart storage to help you keep your vehicle safe and sound for the winter months.

Clean the golf cart inside and out

It is essential to clean the interior and outside of your golf cart before putting it away for the winter. Remove any traces of dried mud, filth, grease, and grime from the cart’s exterior and wheels with soap and water.

Check inside for built-up dust and debris. Clean the batteries with a simple soap and water solution. If the battery terminals are severely corroded, clean them with baking soda and water. Finish up by rinsing and patting dry.

Charge the battery

Next, check that the battery in your golf cart is fully charged and set for long-term storage. You might be dealing with an AGM, lithium-ion, or lead-acid battery. Learn all you can about taking care of the type of battery in your golf cart. If you live in a cold climate and want to keep your battery from freezing during the winter, charge it to its maximum capacity before putting it away. Detach the battery wires before putting your cart away to prevent the battery from depleting or triggering electrical issues.

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Empty the gas tank

There should be no leftover gas in your golf cart while it’s hibernating. Leftover gasoline has a nasty habit of getting cemented in cracks which may cause permanent damage. Make sure the valve in your cart is turned off. If you don’t see a valve, you probably need to unplug the fuel line yourself.

Pump up the tires

Before putting your tires away, you should check the pressure to make sure they are properly inflated. This ensures that the tires keep their shape and don’t get deformed.

Pick a safe spot to park the cart

Position your golf cart in a safe, stable, and secure location. Stop the wheels from moving by placing blocks behind them. After that, release the brake. While you don’t want to let the brakes off for too long, you can’t let the golf cart roll forward, either. You can also try lifting the cart, which will take some of the load off its tires.

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