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8 Golf Cart Parts That Need Replacement Often

Golf carts are a great way to get around, but they do require maintenance. Certain parts on your golf cart will need replacement more often than others. Here’s a list of the golf cart parts that need replacement often.

1) Tires

Tires seem like the most obvious choice for this spot, right? You’ll want to check your tires once every few months for wear and tear. If you notice any noticeable wear or damage on one of your tires, it’s definitely time to replace them.

2) Battery

Even though it might seem like a no-brainer to check your golf cart battery once a month, you actually don’t need to do that every time. Most batteries will last for years before needing a replacement, but only if you maintain it.

3) Oil

Oil is another thing that most people don’t check as often as they should, but doing so could help extend the life of your golf cart engine. You’ll want to have your oil changed every six months or so.

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4) Spark Plugs

If you’re wondering why spark plugs are on this list, it’s because they tend to go bad pretty quickly when the engine is in poor shape. Spark plugs will usually last for about 75,000 miles in most cases, and you might need replacement quicker on a second hand vehicle. This is an extremely important part of your golf cart that should be looked at often or replaced early when necessary.

6) Golf Cart Shocks

You can actually find shocks in the market, so these are relatively cheaper to replace. You’ll want to have your shocks replaced once a year, depending on how frequently your golf cart body is being used. Shocks are responsible for keeping your golf cart from bouncing around on your drive. If your shocks are worn out, you might notice some bouncing from time to time when you’re on the golf course.

7) Golf Cart Solenoid

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on your golf cart solenoid. You shouldn’t be in a real hurry to replace this part in our opinion, though it’s entirely possible that the solenoid will deteriorate over time.

If it does go bad, you might have some issues with your cart not starting up or it might have problems getting moving. The solenoid is responsible for regulating current in your batteries.

Although it may seem like a long list, most of these parts can last long with good care. Reach out to SWFL Golf Carts to buy golf carts that last. We are a golf cart dealer in Bonita Springs and we can help you customize your golf cart to your liking.

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