A Guide to Electric Bike Accessories and Gear

Most e-bike riders look for ways to make their ride more comfortable, enjoyable, safer, and efficient. Are you an enthusiastic e-bike rider who is looking for the latest accessories and gear designed for your model?

E-bike accessories and spare parts, such as a second battery, can give you an incredible riding experience. Moreover, some e-bike parts should be replaced after a certain period or mileage. Here’s your guide to trending electric bike accessories and their uses.

E-Bike Helmets

One of the most important safety gear you need when riding an e-bike is a helmet. That’s because e-bikes are faster than regular bikes, and you’re most likely to travel greater distances whenever you ride. This increases the risk of getting into accidents.

According to research, head injuries are more common when riding an e-bike. If you’re carrying a child while riding your vehicle, make sure you also have a helmet according to their size. You can also find helmets featuring a MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) safety design as it offers increased protection for your head from serious injuries. This helmet has an additional layer inside that moves according to your brain’s movements and reduces the intensity of impact during a fall, for example.

E-Bike Headlight

When looking for an e-bike light, the headlight is much better than a twinkle light. You must invest in this e-bike feature as it ensures proper lighting on your way and increases visibility even in very dark areas. Important factors to consider when choosing a headlight include its lumens and lux.

Moreover, you must look at the photos of different headlights and even take a test ride. The lights should be durable and splash-proof. Some models can automatically switch between night and daylight. Opt for a high-beam headlight for guidance in poor visibility areas.

Multifunctional Repair Kits

You should always have a basic e-bike repair kit that comprises tire levers, a multi-tool to make minor adjustments to handlebars or saddle, and a spare tube. You should also carry a small tubeless repair or puncture repair kit.

All types of e-bike repair kits and tools are designed to fit in a bike bag attached to a pannier bag or under the saddle. Other bike maintenance tools can be left at home, but you must carry all the basic items whenever you go out for riding.

E-Bike Pump

E-bike pumps are designed to be very user-friendly, but you must check the kind of valve your bike has and its compatibility with your vehicle.

Professionals recommend that you get two pumps — a mini hand pump that you can carry during your rides after you fix a puncture and a larger floor pump that comes with a pressure gauge. Mini pumps usually don’t display current tire pressure and can be laborious to use.

A man drinking water beside his e-bike

Rear-View Mirror

E-bikes equipped with rear-view mirrors make riding easier on busy streets, so you don’t need to move your head around to see if you’re moving into the right path. But you should always take a look over your shoulder, even after checking the mirror, before turning or moving out on another street or road.

Choose a rear-view mirror that’s easy to attach, adjust, and swivel and has a reflector on its back to provide the surrounding drivers improved visibility. Mirrors with adjustable, long stems are more functional as they prevent people from getting in your view.

Water Storage Space

Since you may travel longer distances on your e-bike, you’ll need a lot of water, especially while riding in a dry or hot location. This simple and inexpensive feature will make it easier to just hop on the vehicle without carrying a separate backpack only for water. Choose one that complements the look of your bike. A sporty water bottle and a holder will give your e-bike a sleek style. Look at several options before you pick one because many holders have a water bottle included.

Cleaning Products

In addition to ensuring that your e-bike looks good while riding, you must pay close attention to its functionality. Remember that proper e-bike care and maintenance ensures your vehicle will last longer and give you a smoother ride in all kinds of terrains and weather conditions.

e-bike equipped with safety features

For regular e-bike cleaning, professionals recommend having these tools: a cloth, a brush, a bucket of water, chain oil, surface cleaner, and chain cleaner.

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