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Add A Personal Touch To Your Golf Cart With Customization Options

Golf carts aren’t exactly cheap. They cost a few thousand dollars, and once you have them, you’re going to want to do everything you can to make them safe and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

There are plenty of customization options for golf carts that can help your golf cart stand out from the rest on the road.

Whether you’re still thinking about buying a golf cart or have just made your purchase, check out these customization options that can add a personal touch to your low-speed vehicle.

Add a Lift Kit

If you thought lift kits only served an aesthetic purpose, you’re wrong.

Yes, they do enhance the look of your cart, but they also give you extra space between the ground and the underside.

A lift kit allows owners to install large-off road vehicles so they can take their golf calf off-the-road and drive on rough terrain. They also let users haul heavy loads without damaging the vehicle.

If you’re haven’t gone off-roading in your golf cart yet, you’re missing out! Add a lift kit and make your golf cart faster and stronger.

Add a Rear Seat Kit

Golf carts with rear seat kits.

A standard golf cart only has seats for the driver and another passenger. By installing a rear seat kit, you can double the space in your golf cart and create enough room for 4 people!

A rear seat kit lets you install two cushions so you can take more passengers or use the extra space to carry luggage.

Golf carts become a lot more entertaining and useful when you have more space for people and bags.

Paint Job and Graphic Kits

Who says all golf carts have to be white? In fact, if you use your golf cart off the course for other purposes, adding a pop of color to it not only personalizes it but also keeps you safe.

Make your golf cart stand out on the road by giving it some personality with a pop of color and graphics!

Have a favorite sports team? Hire professionals to paste its graphics on your cart.

If you’re not happy with a white golf cart that looks like everyone else’s, get a little creative and paint it another color that makes it stand out.

There is so much you can do with a graphic kit. You can use decals to reflect your interests. Add flames, team logos, camouflage—anything you want. Make your golf cart an extension of your personality.

SWFL Golf Carts offers complete customization and maintenance services for golf carts in Bonita Springs and other parts of Florida.

We’re one of the most reputable golf cart dealers in town. Check out our inventory online and buy a golf cart or have our team build a custom golf cart that meets your needs.

Contact us for more information on our golf carts and financing options.


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