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All You Need to Know About Buying a Used Golf Cart

Golf carts are suitable for covering short distances and are practical, convenient, and more environment-friendly than fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford new golf carts, given the rising inflation in the country. In this context, SFWL Golf Carts provides a solution by offering refurbished golf carts at affordable prices.

Used golf carts offer the same functionality as new ones at a fraction of the price. Here’s everything you need to know about refurbished gold carts.

Features of Used Golf Carts

Like everything else, golf carts are susceptible to wear and tear over time. External factors such as direct sunlight, snowfall, stormy conditions, and improper driving can wear out its components prematurely. Our team repairs slightly damaged golf carts to make them look as good as new! Used golf carts have the following features:

  • Ball cleaners
  • Excellent storage space
  • Adequate headlights
  • A canopy that protects the occupants from rain and direct sunlight
  • Durable tires
  • Highly-functional brake system
  • Strong windshield
  • A GPS to help you navigate through the course.


A new golf cart can range from $5000 to $10000 depending on its size, seating capacity, design, and features. On the other hand, a refurbished golf cart costs about half this price range, allowing more individuals to utilize sustainable and eco-friendly rides.

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Many believe that refurbished golf carts don’t have as many features as brand new ones. However, the right golf cart services will let you customize even refurbished golf carts without exceeding your budget. You can have your golf cart dealers include the following accessories to meet your needs:

  • Folding windshields
  • Radio system
  • Stereo controls
  • Adaptors
  • Additional seats and more.


Refurbished golf carts have an attractive exterior and aesthetic. Their structure supports the overall body, making the vehicle more movable. Refurbished golf carts resist corrosion effectively and can survive for years with proper care and maintenance.

If you’re looking to buy a used golf cart with all these features, SWFL Golf Carts is your answer! We have the best golf carts for sale in Bonita Springs at the most affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about our products.



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