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Best Electric Bicycles: Find the Ideal One for Yourself

Electric bicycles are an excellent form of transportation and a good way to exercise. They don’t make any noise or cause pollution. They can be used in any terrain, depending on the model you choose.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some common types of electric bicycles and guide you on how to choose the right one when buying an e-bike.

What Types Of E-Bikes Are On The Market?

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Classic / Cruiser Bicycle With Motor

This type has pedals and a motor that provides power on the flat or up to 10% gradient hills. It’s mostly used in the cities and on flat roads. Many people find it a good fit for commuting to work.

Mountain Bikes With Motor

Fully suspended mountain bikes which are mainly used for riding in off-road trails, are fitted with an electric motor with batteries at the back of the seat.

Urban Bikes With Motor

These kinds of bikes look like regular road bikes, and they are used for the commute to and from the office, sports and recreational cycling. They primarily use a high-powered electric motor battery pack. Some companies make them as foldable city bikes, electric folding mountain bikes, etc.

Bicycles With Integrated Electric Motors

The integrated motor is built into the frame or fork as an aftermarket as well as integrated motor kits such as those made by Nesbitt. These types of bicycles use a specific type of drivetrain, which allows a hub motor to be fitted onto a normal bicycle frame with pedals that turn a chain that connects directly to the motor unit. These drive trains are a popular choice amongst commuters because they provide a smooth and quiet ride.

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The term “Crossover” means a bike that is suitable for both mountain biking and cycling on the road. The most common bike which is suitable for this is a basic mountain bike fitted with a high-powered electric motor, now known as eMTB (Electric Mountain Bike). In the US, many infrastructure companies now offer electric bicycles as part of their business model. All these bikes share some common parts:

A) Hub motor

Hub motors allow all other parts to be individual and standardized so that parts can be replaced or upgraded easily.

B) Frame

A strong and sturdy frame is essential to support the electrical engine. It is also important that the frame is ‘double butted,’ meaning that the frame is thicker where it requires strength for extra durability and thin where it can be lightweight without losing strength.

C) Pedals

With powerful motor assistance, the pedals are very efficient in an e-bike. You don’t need to exert too much power to ride.

D) Brakes

The brakes are efficient, especially when combined with motor assistance. The brakes are usually hydraulic disc brakes in most e-bikes.

E) Weight

The weight of an electric bicycle is generally no more than 6-7kg. This is achievable mostly by components that have been developed at the very beginning, e.g., pedals and batteries, which are light but strong, light wheels and forks which make for a lighter bike overall.

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How To Choose The Ideal E-Bike?

There Are Many Factors That You Must Consider Before Buying A New E-Bike:


A high-powered electric bicycle is a lot more expensive than a normal road bike. However, a good-quality bicycle can be purchased at a relatively low cost. A complete bike with pedals and a battery pack is around $1500.


The performance of an electric bicycle is affected by the motor power, battery power, gears that are fitted to the bike, and the number of gears available.


The speed of an e-bike is usually around 20mph to 30mph. However, before making the final decision, you must consider your commuting needs.


The range can be increased by fitting higher-powered motors. However, the battery pack also must be bigger and heavier. If this means greater performance, you must consider the disadvantages of carrying more weight (and worry about the increased risk of flipping your bike over on rough roads or landing it in deep ditches).

With a decent battery pack, e.g., Around 44-48 watts powered, the range of an e-bike is usually around 60 – 100 miles. The longer the battery pack lasts, the more miles you can travel.

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