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A group of teenage girls in a golf cart

Golf Cart Traffic Law FAQs for Florida

Florida is known for its gorgeous climate all year round, which makes it the perfect spot for a number of outdoor activities. Given the ease and accessibility of golf carts, they’ve become a popular choice for many residents and tourists hoping to enjoy the many amusements Florida has to offer, including amusement parks and other

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a smiling woman giving her husband a gift

Top Golf Gifts 2021: Ideas for the Golf Enthusiast in Your Life

Finding the right gift for a golf enthusiast can be a bit tricky, especially when you don’t know much about the sport yourself. That’s why we’ve broken down your options into different categories depending on your budget and style. Of course, it’s the gesture that counts—but if you’re looking for a meaningful present, then consider

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A private golf cart to help you move around on your own.

Safe Golfing During the Pandemic: A Guide

Anyone who plays golf on a regular basis knows how hard it is to go without it for very long. Many players have had to go weeks, or sometimes even months, without playing, but never forgo it altogether. In fact, if you’re cautious, you can easily play the game without violating any COVID-19 restrictions.

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A privately owned golf cart parked at a resort and golf course.
Golf Carts

Essentials All Golf Enthusiasts Need to Invest in

As a golf enthusiast, you probably spend several hours out on the course, playing with friends, colleagues, business associates, or by yourself. There’s no denying how riveting golf is, and if you find yourself on the course more often than not, there are some investments you should consider making for your passion.

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