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Common Golf Cart FAQs And Their Answers

Florida is known for its scenic weather throughout the year, making it ideal for many different activities. Golf carts have been a useful solution for many citizens and tourists who want to enjoy the various attractions Florida has to offer, such as theme parks and other communal spaces, due to their convenience and affordability.

Golf carts aren’t just for golf courses anymore. They are comfortable and efficient vehicles gaining popularity in various locations, like stadiums, universities, airports, and even city streets.

Take a look at these common FAQs related to golf carts:

1. When Can You Drive A Golf Cart In Florida

According to Florida State law, an LSV, or low-speed vehicle, can only be operated by someone who has a legal driver’s license. An LSV, on the other hand, is a four-wheeled vehicle with a top speed of more than twenty mph but less than twenty-five mph.

However, a golf cart with a maximum velocity of twenty mph can easily be found, and it can be operated by teens over the age of fourteen.

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2. Where Can You Drive Golf Carts?

An LSV can be operated on any route with a thirty-five mph speed restriction. However, as previously stated, certain golf carts may not fall within this group. As a result, most golf carts can only be driven in the suburbs or on roadways with golf cart zones and a thirty mph or lower speed restriction.

They can also be operated on rural roads if they intersect a lane designated for golf carts, country clubs, or gated communities.

3. Are Golf Cart Affordable For An Average Man?

Golf carts come in many different sizes, colors, specifications, models, and functionalities. As a result, their prices differ dramatically from one market to another. While high-end golf carts might cost hundreds of dollars, you can easily locate golf carts that are reasonably priced and meet your needs.

In addition, several golf cart manufacturers sell used and refurbished golf carts at very low prices. While you may need to change the golf cart’s battery packs from time to time, they are usually quite resilient. It’s one of the best purchases you can make, given that the average golf cart can last more than twenty years.

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4. Can Golf Carts Bring a Sense of Uniformity to the College?

When on-campus mobility is required, students use whichever transportation they have available, which may include bicycles. However, this fragments the modes of transportation and crowds the campus streets.

Making golf carts the default mode of motor transportation on campus will improve the consistency of the entire transportation system while also reducing traffic on campus.

5. Are Golf Carts Safer and Comfortable For Senior Citizens?

Gated communities usually house senior citizens who moved there to enjoy life after retirement. For them, being away from the hustle and noise of city life is a core benefit of living in such a community, and golf carts only add to that benefit.

From the fact that golf carts cannot go above certain speeds to their open structure and their size, golf carts for sale perfectly fit into the environment. Senior citizens can drive safely to wherever they want to go, and they can do so knowing that their vehicle can easily be parked in smaller spaces and will be easier to drive.

6. Are Electric Carts Cheaper?

In most cases, there is a price variation between the two vehicles; however, this is particularly true for restored vehicles. The carts that we stock are already offered at competitively low market rates, but you’ll find that electric carts are a more cost-effective option in the long run.

This is partly because they are less expensive to recharge, maintain, and operate, thus being more eco-sustainable due to the lack of pollutants and smoke they create.

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7. What Is Comprehensive Coverage In Terms Of Insurance?

Accidents and collisions aren’t the only causes of golf cart damage. Even if you are the finest driver and know how to maneuver your golf cart, nature or criminals can always intervene and wreak havoc on your exquisite golf cart.

Golf carts might be stolen or ruptured due to wildfires, storms, or even an overgrown tree branch.  However, with comprehensive coverage at hand, you can relax knowing that these refurbishments will be taken care of.

8. Why Do Golf Cart Owners Need To Install Seat and Car Covers?

Seat and vehicle covers are common golf cart additions that are considered must-haves. You can swiftly install the covers and admire your golf cart’s elegant appearance. Covers will not only allow you and your companions to feel more secure while riding in the golf cart, but they will also preserve your golf cart looking good as new for many upcoming years.

You can store valuables, relax comfortably, and properly preserve your golf cart with the right seat and vehicle covers.

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9. What Is The Main Difference Between Electric And Gas Powered Golf Carts?

Originally, golf carts were powered by a gasoline engine. They did, however, have several negative implications, such as air pollution and noise. The evolution began when electric golf carts were available on the market. Electric golf carts were famous for addressing all of the primary flaws of their gas-powered counterparts.

Electric golf carts are a low-maintenance solution. They are also more eco-friendly and quieter than gas-powered models.

10. When Is The Right Time To Get A New Battery For Your Golf Cart?

Regardless of how careful you are in terms of keeping up the maintenance of your golf carts, sooner or later, their batteries will need replacement.

If your golf cart has dim lights or starting troubles, it is more likely that its battery has run out. In this case, get the batteries charged to see if the matter is resolved. Also, check the battery terminals while you are at it. If problems persist, it may be the right time to get a new battery.

If you have a hard time maintaining your golf cart yourself, hire professionals to do it for you. Reputable golf cart dealers offer maintenance and repair services that ensure your carts remain in top condition for as long as possible.

SWFL Golf Carts sells new and used golf carts in Southwest Florida. We offer comprehensive maintenance services and upgrades for all models of golf carts.

We also offer customized solutions to clients in Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Meyers, Estero, and other surrounding areas in Florida. Our inventory also includes E-Bikes and electronic motorcycles at affordable rates.

Please browse our selection today or reach out to our team for more information.



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