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Common Golf Cart FAQs and Their Answers

Buying a golf cart for the first time? You’re not alone! Golf carts are a classic mode of transportation in many neighborhoods, and they’re always in high demand. We’ve compiled this list of common FAQs and their answers in order to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Why Buy A Golf Cart At All?

Golf carts are an excellent alternative to cars, and motorcycles for getting around town. You can drive them on most public roads (besides highways) and are more readily available than scooters or motorcycles. Their smaller size also makes them easy to park.

Where Can I Drive My Golf Cart?

You may drive your cart on public streets, unless local ordinances restrict you from doing so. Although some cities prohibit golf carts altogether, other municipalities have recently enacted anti-golf cart laws that require vehicle owners to have a special license or registration in order to operate their carts. If you live in one of these municipalities, you should call the police department to ask about restrictions.

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Are There Highways or Streets That I Can’t Drive My Golf Cart On?

Yes. Although many streets are wide enough for golf carts, there are some streets (especially in older neighborhoods) that aren’t. Golf carts should never be driven on roads with a maximum speed of 30-25 mph or less. If your city has public buses, you should also avoid driving your cart near bus stops or loading zones. You can ask local authorities where these areas are located so that you can avoid them altogether.

What Are The Uses Of A Golf Cart?

This is perhaps the most common question asked about golf carts. Many people buy a cart for their commutes, while others use them for yard work or other outdoor activities. However, you should be aware that older models of golf carts weren’t built to handle rough terrain or long drives through bumpy roads. You may want to consider a new model that can support heavy loads and hold up in harsh weather.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Golf Cart?

The most important factor is to make sure it’s in good shape and safe to drive. Many people purchase used carts which are often highly modified to their liking. However, you should make sure that the engine can hold up to the power of your battery. Also, check how many miles it has on its odometer and whether or not it’s been involved in an accident. If you’re looking for something that will last you for years, be sure to choose accordingly.

Can I Customize Mine?

Of course! Golf carts are built to support customizations, so you can easily modify them whichever way you want. Many people love to replace the body with a new one, paint it a different color, or add accessories like lights and stereo systems.

Where Can I Get One For Myself?

If you’re looking to buy custom golf carts in Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples or Fort Myers, worry no more. Reach out to us at SWFL Golf Carts. We offer golf carts for sale and golf cart services at reasonable prices.

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