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Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Golf Cart Battery

Do you feel you have to change your golf cart’s battery too often? Chances are, you’re not dealing with a “bad” battery, just poor battery maintenance. Most golf cart owners end up shaving years off the battery life without even knowing it. The only way to enjoy all the benefits a golf cart offers is to take good care of it.

To make sure your golf cart remains in top working condition for as long as possible, avoid these common golf cart battery mistakes:

Driving till the battery dies

A major mistake that many golf cart owners make is waiting till the batteries are critically low or completely empty to charge them. If you plan on using the golf cart, make sure the battery is charged. Letting the battery run out is just as damaging as charging it for too long—it affects the long-term life of the golf cart battery.

Reckless riding on hilly terrain

Most golf courses in Florida have several hills. If you want to keep your battery healthy, you should be careful while driving over these spots. Your battery will have to work harder than usual if you drive recklessly, reducing its lifespan. If you can help it, steer clear of hilly routes.

Riding on hilly terrain requires extra caution outside the golf course. When taking your cart for a spin around the block, stick to the pavement and other flat surfaces—the smoother the surface, the lower the risk of an accident.

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Using the wrong type of water

Most golf cart batteries need to be regularly topped out with water. Battery plates can corrode and fail prematurely if the water level dips too low. However, it is not sufficient to just add any type of water.

Remember to use only pure, distilled water while recharging the batteries. Distilled water is free of salts or other contaminants that can harm a battery from the inside. If you don’t have access to distilled water immediately, don’t use your golf cart. But never, under any circumstances, should you use tap water to top the battery.

Charging the battery for too long

Overcharging causes your golf cart’s battery to deplete faster than normal and could even damage it permanently. Avoid overcharging by keeping an eye on the battery and unplugging the charger as soon as it’s done. Leaving a charger plugged in for too long might cause it to overheat.

Fortunately, the premium golf carts we offer at SWFL Golf Carts come with a smart charger that turns off automatically when done, saving you this hassle. If you’re interested in renting or buying a golf cart in Bonita Springs, FL, check out the ones we offer by visiting our website.

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