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Different Types of Golf Carts and Their Uses

It’s a misconception that golf carts are only meant for leisure purposes. That’s because there’s much more to golf carts than being used in golf courses.

These vehicles are designed for different types of business and industrial facilities to ensure functionality, efficient operational activity, and improved safety. You can find a variety of golf carts in the market, and this guide will discuss them and their purposes.

Push Carts and Pull Carts

This type of golf cart offers convenient commuting from one spot to another within a golf course when individuals don’t have the option of hiring a caddy. If the golf course you’re playing doesn’t provide gas or electric golf carts, consider using a push cart. In addition to being affordable, these golf carts are easy to control.

Pull carts, on the other hand, can be easily dragged behind you and are great for new golfers as well as young kids who don’t have a lot of belongings to carry. These carts are designed to be lightweight, so it’s very easy to bring them to the course. Moreover, they’re foldable and easy to reassemble. Professionals recommend you opt for an electric golf cart in Naples, Florida, for more convenience and a smoother riding experience.

Gas Carts

A gas cart is a powerful vehicle as it has an engine that is similar to a car’s. But it runs on gas and negatively impacts the environment, which is a major downside. Moreover, gas carts are a lot noisier than electric golf carts and need more maintenance. This means more frequent oil changes, engine upkeep, and tire rotations.

Personal Transportation Golf Carts

This is the most common type of golf cart typically used for leisure activities and personal transportation. You can find these golf carts in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These vehicles are also equipped with simple features, including seat belts, windshields, and a roof.


Some may have additional features such as cup holders, a stereo, and charging ports. You can use personal transportation golf carts for short trips to a park, a golf course, or around your neighborhood.

Utility Golf Carts

These heavy-duty golf carts are designed to carry heavy loads and commute in rough terrain. Utility golf carts are often equipped with rear beds used for transporting tools, equipment, and other supplies within a business facility, such as construction sites, farms, hospitals, hotels, garbage collection, and larger real estate.

If you’re fond of hunting, you can choose this type of golf cart as it can transport equipment and gear. Utility golf carts prevent environmental pollution as they’re equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Luxury Golf Carts

This type of golf cart is designed to provide maximum style and comfort and comes in a wide variety of high-end features such as air conditioning, a premium sound system, and leather seats. Luxury golf carts are more suitable for individuals who want a stylish, comfortable ride around their neighborhood, the golf course, or other areas.


Street-Legal Golf Carts

This type of golf cart is typically designed for a smooth ride on public roads. These vehicles come with essential safety features such as seat belts, turn signals, and headlights. They have a maximum speed of nearly 25mph and offer a perfect ride to cover shorter distances around the town. Street-legal golf carts also come with a four-wheel drive that makes them ideal for navigation in rough terrain.

Custom Golf Carts

Individuals that want to represent themselves with a unique sense of style to stand out from the crowd can opt for customized options such as a custom golf cart. This type of golf cart is not only easy to spot among dozens of other golf carts but also gets you the attention you desire. At times, custom golf carts demonstrate your success which often leads to people wanting to know more about you.

Moreover, custom golf carts offer better performance as they have many customized parts and accessories. They also have better upgrades to give you a comfortable ride. You can also sell your custom golf cart at an appreciated value by adding some other features.

Electric Golf Carts

Top-of-the-line electric golf carts are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that help reduce carbon footprint and give you a smooth trip. If you can’t afford a new golf cart, you can opt for a refurbished model at SWFL Golf Carts. We’re a reputable golf cart dealership in Naples, Florida, that offers a wide variety of golf cart models and e-bikes.

We also specialize in custom golf carts to take your riding experience to another level. To learn more about our golf cart services, contact us today through our website.

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