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E-Bike Maintenance 101

When it comes to taking care of electric bikes, many working parts need to be maintained. It may seem daunting at first to know what needs to be done and when, but the basics of electric bike maintenance aren’t difficult at all.

Maintenance on an electric bike is very similar to that on a regular bicycle. It can be overwhelming because of the extra components, but you should not encounter any serious problems, if you take care of things.

Every Time You Ride Your Bike, Clean It


A good maintenance tip is to keep your bike clean. In terms of component wear, the chain, brakes, and tires are the most commonly worn items but even experienced cyclists don’t know what to look for. Wear and tear can be prevented by avoiding wet conditions, as dust and other particles can get into your drivetrain.

Before storing your bike, make sure you clean it thoroughly or even hose it down if it is wet or dirty. If any caked-on dirt clings to delicate components, rinse it off without ever hitting them with high-pressure water.

Regular Deep Cleans and Inspections

You should do a deep clean of your bike every few weeks. Make sure there are no dirt particles in the derailleur or on the wheels.  Make sure to relubricate your chain. You should have a sparkly frame.

Next, check the tires during for a more thorough cleaning procedure. Make sure the tires aren’t holding air by checking for cuts. Check the lugs on your tires for wear, and check for flat places in the otherwise round carcasses if you have road tires. Replace them if necessary.

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Pay Attention While You Ride

When riding an electric bike, especially as more force is placed on the components, you need to pay attention to how the bike behaves. Keep an ear out for strange sounds while riding. If biking makes extra noise, this is an obvious sign that something is wrong. Do you hear anything rattle? Does it make noise when you pedal? Does it squeal when you use the brakes?

Rides on a well maintained bike are typically smooth and quiet. However, it’s normal to hear some noises coming from the chain and the motor on electric bikes. There shouldn’t be any problems. Make sure you aren’t skipping/slipping gears or getting clunky gear changes. You should inspect your bike if at any point you hear a grinding noise or your bike gets louder.

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