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E-bike Mechanics: What Makes Them Different?

There’s a common misconception that electric bicycles are like scooters, but they don’t look that different from traditional bikes. They have the same wheels, handlebars, body structure, pedals, and brakes as a mechanical bike. But they also have certain differences.  Let’s take a look at some of the main differences in mechanics between e-bikes and traditional bicycles.

Electric Motor 

The major difference between an electric bicycle and a traditional one is that an electric bicycle has an electric motor to assist riders. The motor will assist the rider depending on the force they use to pedal. It controls the torque of the e-bike, and the better the motor is, the greater the torque it offers, and the more torque you have, the more power your e-bike will generate.

There are two types of electric motors used in an e-bike. These are the crank and hub motors. The crank motor mainly provides assistance for the pedals, which gets the wheels of the e-bike moving. They transfer power through the cranks instead of directly sending them to the wheels. They’re usually found on high-end bikes and provide a great amount of torque.

Alternatively, hub motors send power directly to the wheels instead of transferring it through other sources, making the process less smooth than crank motors. This is probably why they’re often not found on high-end e-bikes.

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The electric motor primarily runs on a battery that needs to be charged before use, and when the battery runs out, the bike stops working as smoothly. An average 36v e-bike requires a battery of around 42v to 30v to power, with it being fully charged at 42v. A better quality battery means greater convenience for you.

If you have to travel long distances on your bike, it’s best to invest in an e-bike with a better battery and range to avoid charging the battery every day or carrying a spare one around.

E-bike batteries are usually made from lithium-ion and are charged by plugging them into an electrical socket. You can either remove the battery from the e-bike while charging or keep it on there. It takes approximately 3 hours for an e-bike battery to charge fully.

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Unlike traditional bikes, electric bicycles come with a display screen, typically an LED which provides information about the speed, distance covered, battery level, distance to destination, assistance modes, and more.

Some bikes even have built-in GPS features, fitness trackers, music sync, and more. Automobile giant Mercedes Benz introduced several upgrades on their smart e-bike with the help of innovative technology, including a USB interface and iPhone connectivity.

This enhances the riding experience for many cyclists, ensures their safety, and keeps them connected to their loved ones while they’re cycling through some remote or deserted part of the country. Electric bicycles cost a fortune, and a GPS or sat nav system can often help recover them if they get stolen.


Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes come with sensors attached to them to signal the motor that the cyclist is pedaling, and it needs to start assisting them. Like motors, there are primarily two types of sensors for e-bikes, and high-end bikes usually make use of both. They’re called cadence and torque sensors. A cadence sensor helps determine if you’re pedaling, and a torque sensor helps determine how hard you’re pedaling.

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If your e-bike has a cadence sensor, it can identify whether the pedals are rotating and send a signal to the motor to start providing predetermined assistance according to your controls to help you pedal smoothly.

If your e-bike has a torque sensor, it will automatically measure how much force you’re applying to the pedal and apply corresponding power to meet the determined assistance level. A torque sensor gives a more natural feel to cycling than a cadence sensor.

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