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E-Bikes vs. Cars: What To Invest In?

Are you tired of driving in traffic? Want a change of scenery? Perhaps the answer isn’t to stop driving entirely but rather to decrease the amount of time spent driving. If that’s the case, replacing your car with an electric bike would be an ideal solution. You should consider the effectiveness of commuting with a bike before throwing away your car.

Pros of Electric Bikes

  • Cost

It’s a real cost saver to use an e-bike. Electric bikes won’t completely replace car trips, but they will certainly reduce the cost of traveling to work or running errands.

In addition to this, owning a new car costs several thousand dollars. Registering, insuring, paying stamp duties, buying tires, maintaining, and depreciating a car.

  • Traffic jams

This is considered to be the best benefit of an electric bike. An e-bike lets you avoid being late for work or dates due to traffic.


  • Need clip-in shoes

You will need clip-in shoes if you ride an electric bike. Carrying a pair of additional shoes can be a hassle since these shoes can be awkward to walk around in.

  • Dodging potholes

There is a possibility that potholes will damage your bicycle. It is crucial to avoid hitting potholes if you use unpaved cycle paths or poor roads. The streetcar tracks in SF can also catch you.

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Pros of a Car

  • You Don’t Worry About The Range

In a typical car, all you need is gas to run, so you will never run out of power. Your battery won’t need to be recharged. Most e-bikes can only cover about 20 miles when they’re fully charged, which means they are only useful for urban transportation.

  • Higher Speed Limit

The speed limit of a car is typically higher than that of an electric bike, which usually has a limited maximum speed. The best way to get to a destination quickly is by car, provided that there is no traffic.


It Is Expensive To Own And Maintain

Surely you’re thinking that simply buying a used car will suffice. In fairness, you do save some upfront costs, but you still have other expenses to pay. This is inevitable. Used vehicles cost approximately $19k, while e-bikes cost approximately $3k.

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E-Bikes are the future, and if you want to buy one or more of your choice, you’re at the right place for this; call us anytime. Moreover, if you’re looking to get more information about our E-products, let us know, as we have almost every kind of product and information for you.

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