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Electric Bicycle Safety 101

Electric bicycles have made their place in the market as the hottest new thing. People of all ages are seen riding these bicycles on the streets and in parks. According to researchers, the sale of electric bicycles grew by 144 percent between 2019 and 2020.

With such a huge number of people enjoying riding these bicycles, it’s important to recognize the need to stay safe while riding electric bicycles.

In this post, we discuss all the safety tips you should follow while riding an electric bicycle.

1- Wear a Helmet

This safety hack applies every two-wheel vehicle. According to the World Health Organization, wearing helmets can reduce head injuries and other fatal injuries caused by accidents and crashes. Therefore, every rider on an electric bicycle should wear a helmet at all times. It will keep you safe while you enjoy your ride.

8 American states, including California, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, require riders and passengers of all ages to wear a helmet while riding electric bikes. Other American states also have strict rules regarding helmet wearing for electric bicycle riders under age 21 or 18.

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2- Install Front and Back Headlights

According to researchers, using headlights on the front and tail reduces the number of road accidents.

Headlights make your vehicle more visible to other drivers on the street, both at night and in the daytime. Therefore, it’s important to add both front and back headlights to your electric bicycle. This would protect you and your passengers from accidents and injuries. Other people on the road will also spot you easily and maintain a distance from your electric bike.

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3- Put On Bright Clothing

This might not seem like such an important safety hack, but wearing the right clothing on two and three-wheel vehicles makes a difference.

Wearing brightly colored clothing means that other drivers on the road can easily spot you. This would make avoiding you easier. Especially if there is low light, wearing reflective clothing will make you more visible. With more cars steering clear of you and your electric bicycle, you will be safe on the road. The possibility of you being in an accident will also decrease.

4- Install and Use a Horn

A horn is the basic safety element of any vehicle. Through horns, other drivers on the street can know where you’re. This makes them avoid you, preventing any collisions or crashes. Therefore, it’s necessary to install a horn on your electric bicycle.

But just getting a horn isn’t enough. You should also know when and where to use the horns. By using the horn of your electric bicycle too much, you can disrupt the other drivers. But you should also know about horn honking etiquettes in certain cities.

5- Find Safe Routes

This is a very important electric bicycle safety hack, which most people choose to ignore.

When riding an electric bicycle, you’re more likely to have an accident than people in four-wheel vehicles such as cars, buses, and taxis.

You should keep yourself and your electric bike away from accidents and collisions by selecting safe routes. Select routes that have less traffic, and the local government has recommended them for electric bicycles.

6- Avoid Cracks and Potholes

Electric bicycle wheels are not designed to go through ditches, gutters, potholes, loose gravel, and cracks in the roads. Therefore, it’s important to avoid them than going over them.

This would keep you and your electric bicycles safe. This would also reduce the possibility of bicycle damage or tire puncture. Moreover, your electric bicycle’s wheel would also last longer this way.

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7- Avoid Bad Weather Conditions

Is it raining outside, and you’re tempted to ride on your electric bicycle?

We advise you to never do it.

Riding on your electric bicycle in pouring rain or a thunderstorm can damage your electric bicycle. It can also increase the possibility of a crash, slip, or accident on the roads. You should also avoid going out in the snow because that can result in a bicycle crash.

8- Select Quality Bicycles

This is another important point that electric bicycle riders choose to ignore. The quality of your vehicle matters a lot. Not only do good quality electric bicycles last long, but they are also less likely to have damaged bicycle parts.

The damaged bicycle parts like low-quality wheels or handles can lead to road accidents.

Where Can You Get a Quality Electric Bicycle?

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