Routes to Cycle on an E-Bike in Cape Coral.

Exploring Cape Coral: Top 5 Routes to Cycle on an E-Bike

On the Gulf of Mexico, in Lee County, Florida, stands the city of Cape Coral. The city was developed in 1957 as a planned community. According to the 2020 census, the population in Cape Coral had grown to 194,016, making it the 130th most populous city in the United States.

Moreover, the area of Cape Coral is 120 square miles, which makes it the largest city between Miami and Tampa in terms of population and area. eBikes have become increasingly popular in the Waterfront Wonderland, and people have started frequenting the cycling routes in Cape Coral.

Popular Cycling Routes in Cape Coral

Boca Grande Bike Path

This 6.5-mile multipurpose path is situated on Gasparilla Island. The northern part of this route runs towards the right side of the Northern Railway and Charlotte Harbor, which was functional between 1907 and 1981. Boca Grande Bike Path was one of the first rail-trails in Florida, and it was specifically designed for bicycles. This path is open for foot traffic, as well as golf carts.

It starts towards the northern side of Gasparilla Island, on the south side of the Boca Grande Causeway. From downtown Boca Grande to the Causeway, it parallels Gasparilla Road, running through the downtown area, and passes the historic Northern Railway Depot and Charlotte Harbor.

Towards the south of the depot, the path travels a little west along the railroad path and continues moving south past Gasparilla Island Lights and ends at Gasparilla Island State Park.

Cape Haze Pioneer Trail

The length of this trail is eight miles, and it connects Placida and Port Charlotte. It is situated on the Cape Haze Peninsula in Charlotte County. A major portion of this trail runs along the Northern Railway.

This trail starts at the intersection between Pinedale Drive and State Road 776. Before turning east towards the railroad corridor, it runs south along Pinedale Drive. Then, it passes near Rotonda Creek and also crosses over Coral Creek near Coral Creek Airport.

The trail leaves the railroad corridor and runs to Place alongside Country Road 771. It ends at the Boca Grande Causeway. From there, cyclists can continue through the causeway all the way to Gasparilla Island.

Punta Gorda Harborwalk

This two-mile long bike path follows the amazing Charlotte Harbor towards the west coast of Florida. This trail is part of an extensive trail network, and it connects directly to the Linear Park that follows a linear railroad.

The western end of this path has restaurants and stores, and towards the eastern side, you have the Charlotte Regional Medical Center. Between the eastern and western ends of this cycling route, you have Laishley Park and Gilchrist Park. Both parks offer great stops for cyclists. Here you can find picnic tables and restrooms that allow cyclists to freshen up before resuming their ride.

On the western side of the trail in the Fishermen’s Village, you can find a parking spot. Another parking spot is located in Gilchrist Park.

Pine Island Bike Path

Pine Island Bike Path is also known as Stringfellow Trail. The road it runs parallel to spans the entire length of the Island on the Southwest Coast of Florida. This path starts at a residential waterfront community called St. James City. This city is located at the southern tip of the Island.

When traveling north, the concrete path moves near the Pine Island Flatwoods Preserve. This area also has hiking trails that allow visitors to come closer to nature. Here, you can explore forests, marshes, and swamplands.

If you move further north, you will find Phillips Park along Sesame Drive, opposite Stringfellow Road. This park has several recreational amenities like playgrounds, picnic tables, and athletic facilities.

On the rural north side of the island, the trail comes to an end in Bokeelia. Here, you will find fruit orchards and palm tree groves.

Best cycling routes in Cape Coral, Florida.

North Colonial Linear Park

North Colonial Linear Park is a 2.5-mile multipurpose trail in Florida. It starts at Colonial Boulevard, close to the road’s intersection. It is situated on the northern side of the Boulevard. However, instead of curving with the road, it continues to head west. On its way, it traces the edge of Eastwood Golf Course.

All the crossings on this path are at grade. However, they are well-marked, thus making it easier for people to navigate. However, it is still important to exercise caution and not get lost.

When you move west, the trail starts winding after running parallel to a canal, taking you into the forest, away from the water’s edge. Across Shoemaker Boulevard, you will find the Trailhead Neighborhood Park. Here, you can park your car and rest before you go cycling.

The North Colonial Trail is a multi-use trail that allows activities like walking, jogging, and cycling. Because it is closer to a canal and forest, visitors can watch birds, and the dock helps them catch fish.

Final Word

eBikes are a good mode of transportation for several reasons. Because they use motors and batteries, the rider doesn’t have to pedal as hard as traditional bikes. They are great for senior people and offer a mild aerobic workout.

Moreover, unlike conventional combustion vehicles, they have zero emissions, which prevents air pollution. At SWFL, we have the best used and brand new electric bicycles for sale in Cape Coral, that suit your budget, your understanding of eBikes, and your riding expertise. To explore our inventory, feel free to visit our website or call (239) 676-3653.



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