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Gas Cart or Electric Cart: Which One Should You Choose?

When choosing a golf cart, find out what your requirements are and then compare both options accordingly. We have made a list of few things for you to compare gas and electric cart.

Purchase And Maintenance Cost

When you’re thinking of buying a golf cart, know that there is different variation in both gas and electric carts. The prices vary according to the brand and functionalities. If you’re getting a Chinese electric cart, it’ll be cheaper than any other option.

The maintenance cost, however, depends on the number of services and the frequency of services required for both types of carts. The general maintenance cost for the electric cart is minimal but changing the batteries can be costly. On the other hand, you will be required to change the parts of gas carts frequently to maintain them.

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Resale Value

When you’re buying the carts, you’d find that their prices are quite similar. when considering resale values, gas carts are the better option.

Most buyers who choose electric carts often think about the cheaper maintenance cost, but don’t consider the fact that resale values will be lower.

Range And Speed

Electric carts are faster than gas carts. The top speed of these carts is around 25miles per hour whereas the gas carts can move with the highest speed of 19 miles per hour.

Gas carts require a lot more surveillance when being driven at higher speeds. On faster tracks, the electric carts can perform better than the gas carts.

However, for the range, gas carts are considered the better option. If you fill up a 4 to 6-gallon tank, you can travel up to 100 to 180 miles. Electric carts on the other hand offer a range varying from 15 to 20 miles, but that also depends on your battery type.


An electric cart is the best choice if you care about the noise. These carts are noise-free, so you don’t need to worry about irritating other players on the field. Gas carts, however, make noise and even emit pollutants in the air.

The choice of carts depends on your needs and wants, both the carts have their advantages and disadvantages. As a golf cart dealer, SWFL Golf Carts offer different kinds of custom-built carts. Contact us to buy a golf cart of your choice in Bonita Springs!


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