A golf cart to buy in Bonita Springs

Gas Vs. Electric Golf Carts—What’s the Difference?

If you’re in the process of purchasing a golf cart, one of the essential choices you’ll need to make will be between a gas-powered and electric golf cart. Although both types will get you from A to B, you should choose the one appropriate for your style, budget, and other preferences.

But how can you know what features to look out for and how to decide your unique golf cart preferences?

This blog will highlight the similarities and differences between gas and electric golf carts.

How Both Types Work

Gas-powered golf carts work using combustion engines. These engines can either be four-stroke or two-stroke. You would fuel them up in the same way you would any car or jeep.

On the other hand, electric golf carts work using electrically powered battery cells. You can obtain either 48 or 36-volt battery cells. To ensure the cart keeps moving, you must regularly recharge these batteries in the golf cart.

Price Variation in Gas-powered and Electric Golf Carts

You must keep in mind there are many variations in golf cart brands and models. While it’s not possible to provide a rule-of-thumb that works in every case, electric golf carts are generally less expensive than gas-powered ones.

If you get a used electric golf cart, you can even buy a new set of batteries, so it’s more like new. In this way, you must be mindful of your budget when deciding between golf cart models and types.


A golf cart to buy in Bonita Springs 

In terms of noisiness, gas-powered electric golf carts create more noise. While newer models are constructed that make relatively less noise than previous models, there is a limit to which vehicle can muffle the engine’s natural combustion rumble.

On the flip side, you can speedily and stealthily accelerate using an electric golf cart.

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