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Golf Cart Maintenance: 101

Golf carts used regularly can last up to 7 years with little or no trouble. However, after investing thousands of dollars, people want their golf carts to last for as long as possible – this makes maintaining golf carts crucial.

As with any machine, the more you care for it, the more its life expands. A golf cart that is maintained well can last up to 10 years.

Following are three essential tips that can help golf cart owners keep their golf carts well-maintained.

Charge Your Golf Cart Regularly

If you are conscious about the environment and have bought an eco-friendly, smooth, and quiet electric golf cart, there are certain things you need to be extra careful about.

Keep your golf cart’s batteries charged to avoid the inconvenience of your cart running out of charge and stopping in the middle of the road.

Also, frequently check your battery’s water levels if your golf cart is equipped with an acid-base battery. Acid-based golf cart batteries consist of lead plates; these plates must stay submerged in battery water to work.

Acid-based batteries can still operate even if they aren’t entirely submerged. However, low water levels can strain to the point that they become inoperable, in which case you’ll be left with no option but to replace your cart’s battery.

Getting in the habit of having your golf cart inspected and serviced by a professional every couple of months can keep it from unnecessary breaking down.

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Inspect the Tires

Any automobile with damaged tires can’t take you far along. Make a habit of checking your tires’ air pressure, especially if you used your cart for any other purpose than driving it into the course. The tires should ideally neither be too much bouncy nor appear flat. Driving your cart off the course can make air leak from the tires. In such a case, fill your tires with air regularly.

Fixing the air pressure in tires is quite an easy job. However, unbalanced steering or tires that need adjustment or replacement can make things a little more complicated.

Make a note of any difference that you feel while driving. Catching a problem in its beginning stage and getting it diagnosed and repaired can keep you from spending a hefty amount of money later.

Lubricate Internal Components

All the metal parts in it must be lubricated from time to time by professionals, especially the suspension, steering rod, and other internal mechanisms of the steering to keep your cart running smoothly.

If you need help maintaining your golf cart, you can always hire professionals for the job. Reliable golf cart dealers provide repair and maintenance services that help your golf cart to remain in optimal condition for as long as possible.

One such reliable dealer is SWFL Golf Carts.  They sell new and used golf carts in Southwest Florida. In addition to selling and purchasing, they also offer comprehensive maintenance services and upgrades for all models of golf carts.

Get in touch with them if you live in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, or nearby locations and need professional golf cart technicians.

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