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Golf Cart Problems: Causes and Solutions

Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation nowadays. While they were used for leisure in the past, they are common today thanks to their functionality and convenience. According to reports, the global golf cart market is expected to reach a value of $2.55 billion in 2028, at a growth rate of 6.0 percent during the forecast period 2021 to 2028.

Like any other vehicle, golf carts also experience certain problems, but it’s nothing to worry about. This blog will highlight the causes and solutions of the most common golf cart problems. Keep reading to learn more.

Battery Problems

Battery problems are very common in electric golf carts. You need to charge and water them regularly to keep them in good condition. The older your golf cart gets, the more prone to battery issues it will be.

Therefore, a regular maintenance routine is essential to prolong the service life of your golf cart battery.

Solenoid Breakdowns

The solenoid is another important component of an electric golf cart. If you don’t hear a clicking sound when you start the golf cart, it means there is an issue with your solenoid.

This may be due to wear and tear, loose coils, broken coils, or corrosion. To solve this issue, you will need professional help.

The 2022 Bintelli Beyond 4PR Lifted golf cart available at SWFL Golf Carts

Ignition Problems

This happens mostly due to wear and tear. As your golf cart ages, it becomes more prone to wear and tear, which is why you may face ignition issues. There might be loose wires due to which the connection between the ignition and the battery is lost. They might require replacement or repairs, depending on the scale of the wear and tear.

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Now that you know the causes and solutions of some of the most common golf cart problems, you can buy your electric golf cart without any worries.

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