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Golf Cart Safety Features: A Complete Guide

To prevent accidents, golf carts are equipped with high-end safety features. All golf cart owners and drivers must comply with the essential safety rules and have proper training on using these features.

Reliable golf cart manufacturers have all safety features installed in each model. This helps drivers ensure that they take the necessary action to avoid vehicle damage and injury. This guide will discuss the importance of golf cart safety and the vehicle’s different safety features.

Rear View Mirror

Just like driving a car, having this safety feature allows the driver to have a clear view of pedestrians, potential obstacles, close objects, and other vehicles nearby while driving.

If you already have a golf cart, but it doesn’t have a rear-view mirror, you can have one installed separately. You can find a variety of rear-view mirrors in the market designed for different custom golf cart models.

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Since golf carts are open vehicles, they leave drivers exposed to environmental factors such as wind, rain, and intense sunlight. To protect the driver and passengers from these elements, the golf cart’s windshield serves as the first line of defense. You can also find golf carts with tinted windshields for improved protection from the sun’s glare.

Seat Belts

Drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts to ensure protection from sudden impact because of a crash or a quick break. Without it, anyone can sustain injuries by falling out of the golf cart.

Brake Systems

Golf carts are commonly required for short trips rather than long journeys. The vehicle will also stop at several points before reaching the final destination. So every golf cart must have brakes working properly. This is one of the most fundamental safety features required, especially when the vehicle is going up or down a steep surface—a common elevation on golf courses.

When faced with larger, and faster vehicles, a golf cart will also have to stop completely. When looking for custom golf cart options, remember to check their brake systems. Be sure to follow proper maintenance protocols so that the brakes work properly.

Brake Lights, Tail Lights, and Head Lights

Golf cart accidents are most common at night time because of lower visibility. That’s why golf carts are equipped with brake lights, tail lights, and headlights to ensure the vehicle can be seen even from a greater distance.

Headlights play an integral role in safely riding through blind spots and sharp turns as they signal the presence of the golf cart to other incoming vehicles. Moreover, the golf cart must also be visible to the vehicles behind it, so make sure the golf cart you choose is equipped with a tail light and brake light.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires low-speed vehicles (LSVs) to have stop lights, tail lights, and headlights. Some golf cart models are also equipped with LED lights which are brighter than the halogens and make nighttime travel much safer. These lights last longer (for up to 50,000 hours) and use less energy.

Rear and Front Turn Signals

Turn signals are an essential safety feature in all golf carts and other LSVs. According to the NHTSA, these signals are mandatory as they keep other incoming and nearby vehicles to be informed of the LSV’s next move. Remember to switch on this signal before you make a turn.

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Reverse Warning Device

Most states mandate golf carts to have this safety feature while traveling multipurpose pathways and streets. This device is designed to inform and warn others that the vehicle will back up. The reverse warning device stops when the vehicle is no longer reversing.

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