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Golf Cart Windshield Facts You Should Know About

A golf cart windshield is similar to a regular windshield in many ways. The golf cart user rarely gives it any thought until it gets shattered or damaged. Many people believe that all golf cart windshields are the same. However, this is far from the truth as different golf carts have different types of windshields that serve various purposes.Here we will talk about some exciting golf cart windshield facts that you should know about before you buy an SWFL Golf Cart.A golf cart windshield can be made from three different material types. Let’s take a look at what those material types are.

Acrylic Windshields

This is the most basic windshield material, often known as Plexiglass. It’s made of solid and hard plastic and is the least expensive windshield material that you’ll ever find. Golf carts with acrylic windshields are a more cost-effective option for golf cart buyers. However, these have a low shatter resistance that makes them vulnerable to damage. On the other hand, acrylic is exceptionally scratch-resistant, which makes it good windshield material.

Impact-Modified Acrylic

This type of windshield material is most commonly used with fleet vehicles. Like its name, its purpose is impact resistance. Here rubber is added to the acrylic material during the manufacturing process, making the windshields made from this material a little harder to break or shatter upon impact. But a golf ball or a rock thrown at high speed can still crack the golf cart windshield. Impact-modified acrylic windshields have a much higher safety rating than acrylic windshields. However, the rubber used in these windshields makes them softer and more vulnerable to scratches. Golf carts with these windshields require far more careful handling, cleaning, and maintenance. While the golf carts cost a little more than those fitted with a simple acrylic windshield, the benefits derived from these far outweigh the cost disadvantage.


This is called the Cadillac or the Gold Standard of all other types of golf cart windshield material as it’s the only material strong enough to take a direct hit from a golf ball or even rock without shattering, cracking, or breaking. This type of polycarbonate plastic isn’t as hard as the traditional acrylic or impact-modified acrylic. It’s just soft enough to be able to withstand high-speed impacts.This type of material is most commonly known as Lexan. It’s the manufacturer’s trade name and provides the safest windshield material. Because of their softness, polycarbonate windshields are also the most vulnerable to getting scratched. Hence, you need to take extra care when cleaning these windshields. Out of the three windshield options, this is the most expensive one.

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