Got a Power Dilemma? 4 Tips to Make Your Golf-Cart Battery Last

Golf carts are small-sized vehicles used for a multitude of purposes. Their primary function is to make the short-distance commutes easier. They are powered via an electromotor or a small-sized gasoline motor. Besides, their use on a golf course, golf carts are used by facilities that have a lot of ground to cover. For instance, hospitals, worksites, airports, and sports fields. Just like other conventional automobiles, golf carts require regular maintenance to ensure optimal functioning.

In this blog, we are going to briefly discuss some of the effective ways to keep your golf cart’s battery from draining quickly.

Charge Properly

All golf carts come with specified sources of battery and chargers. It’s commonly a 3-phase charger, consisting of two poles—positive and negative. It’s imperative to charge the battery accurately to prevent quick draining. For that, you to make sure to connect the charger’s positive lead with the battery’s positive pole and negative lead with the negative pole.

Keep Corrosion at Bay

One of the common reasons that lead to early battery drain-outs in golf carts is due to corrosive batteries. Batteries catch corrosion when they are left out in the open without proper shelter. The humid air particles react with the battery’s surface causing oxidation. Due to that, the battery misfires and dies out early. This can be prevented by parking the golf cart in the proper garage.

Stock Up On Anti-Corrosive Lubricants

Not at all times, it’s the water particles that cause corrosion in golf cart batteries. Sometimes, the chemicals used by mechanics also contain a rich concentration of corrosive compounds. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure that the chemicals used for battery cleaning do not contain corrosive compounds.

Cover the Battery Terminals

You may not know but keeping the battery terminals covered can add to the life of your golf cart. You can cover the exposed wires with plastic tape to prevent misfiring. By doing so, you can ensure that your golf cart’s batteries remain in prime condition throughout.

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