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Here’s Why You Need to Sign Up For a Golf Cart Insurance Plan

Golf carts aren’t just limited to the golf courts. They have quickly made their way into shopping malls, recreational facilities, become a part of the onsite commute, and are taking over the roads.

However, before you think of hitting the road with your trusty golf cart, it’s crucial that you consider taking up a golf cart insurance policy. Here’s why you should give it a thought.

Golf Cart Insurance—What does it cover?

Like any other insurance plan, golf cart insurance can provide optimum financial support in a road accident or even a robbery. Here’s how it works.

Property Damage Coverage

No matter how much of a good driver you are, things can always go wrong.

You might hit a building or another vehicle and be held liable for the damages incurred. You won’t just have to pay for your own cart’s repairs, but you’ll be expected to pay for property damage incurred during the collision.

A property damage coverage can save you in these challenging times. You won’t have to stress as these property damages, and repairs will be paid through your property damage coverage plan.

Collision Coverage

Your golf cart is likely to get damaged during a collision. This can lead to costly repairs and present you with hefty repair bills at the mechanics.

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But with collision coverage on hand, you need not worry about these costly repairs. Collision coverage will cover the cost of repairs and help your golf cart get back on the road in no time.

Bodily Injury Liability


You might not expect it, but golf cart-related injuries are fairly common in the United States.

A golf cart collision can land the other person in the hospital for any reason ranging from soft tissue injuries to even fractures. These collisions can make you liable for medical bills and property damages. However, a bodily injury plan can step in and rescue you financially.

Bodily Injury Liability will bear the costs of medical bills and other expenses that come with a physical golf cart injury.

Comprehensive Coverage


There’s more to golf cart damage than just accidents and collisions. While you may be the best driver and drive your golf cart really well, nature (or thieves) can always chime in and wreak havoc on your fun little ride.

Golf carts can get stolen or damaged due to fires, floods, or even an overhanging branch! However, with comprehensive coverage at hand, you can rest assured that these repairs will be taken care of!

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