How Does the Golf Cart Rental Process Work?

Golf carts are no longer just used on golf courses. They are convenient and practical vehicles that are becoming widely popular in a lot of spaces, including parks, campuses, malls, and even on streets.

So, if you’re thinking of renting a golf cart to get around town, it’s a great idea. Golf carts easier to drive than cars, and the experience is much more thrilling!

Here’s everything you need to know about the rental process for golf carts.

Figure Out Your Requirements

When it comes to golf carts, you have a lot of options. From electric carts to gas-powered ones, you can choose whatever suits you best. Additionally, there are also various makes and models available, each with various different features and add-ons like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, and so on.

And one of the most important requirements to look out for is capacity—there are 2, 4, 6. And 8-person golf carts available. Each configuration is priced differently, so choose wisely.

Sort Out Documentation and Budget

While every dealership you’ll rent from will have its own document requirements and rental rates, you must have a driver’s license and proof of insurance. If other members of your family are going to be driving the vehicle as well, you might need to provide separate documentation for them.

Usually, a golf cart for four persons would cost around $60 per day, sometimes higher. Make sure to ask around a few dealerships to compare prices before renting.

Make a note of Important Guidelines

Renting a golf cart involves following the guidelines set by the dealership as well as any specific laws pertaining to golf carts in the state you’re renting in. Make a note of any particular rules regarding usage and damages. Make sure you have the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do I have to pick up the golf cart, or would it be delivered to my location?
  2. Can it be driven across the city, or do I have restricted access to certain areas?
  3. What happens if I cause damage to the vehicle?
  4. Are there any specific state laws regarding golf carts that I need to be mindful of? (if you’re new to the city)

Lastly, make sure you rent your golf cart from a reputable company, like SWFL Golf Carts LLC. We have some of the best golf carts in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Meyers, and Estero, FL.

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