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How to Change a Golf Cart Tire on the Go

Sometimes, golf cart tires can come off the rim. Perhaps your tire pressure is low, which created instability for the tire, causing it to go flat. When tire pressure is low, an object that collides with your tire can impact it to push the tire off its designated rim. Often, this chain of events is how flat tires occur in golf carts.

Since golf carts are created for convenience and relaxation, it can be all the more inconvenient to experience a flat tire while you’re cruising around the neighborhood or somewhere else.

This blog will list how a golf cart owner can change its tires when on the go.

Take the Jack and Put it Close to the Tire


You need to get your jack underneath the golf cart’s rear axle. If you can lift some weight or have a friend to help, you can also temporarily lift the golf cart to get the jack near the flat tire.

Golf cart for sale in Estero

Remove the Wheel Cover and Loosen up the Lug Nuts


Removing the golf cart’s wheel cover will give you access to the lug nuts and the wheel. Once you have successfully removed the golf cart’s wheel cover, you must loosen the lug nuts using a socket and ratchet wrench.

Use the Jack to Raise Your Cart and Take Off the Lug Nuts


Using the jack, you must raise your golf cart. Don’t raise it excessively. It must be just barely off the ground, so it gives you easy access to remove the tire. After raising the golf cart with the jack, you must remove the lug nuts. Keep them safe!

Insert the Replacement Tire and Tighten Your Wheel’s Lug Nuts

Once you’ve removed the lug nuts and raised the golf cart, you must put on the new tire. Put the lug nuts in place loosely, then lower the jack. Once you’ve done so, you must tighten the lug nuts in place. Don’t lower the jack entirely. You must ensure it only lowers enough to put some fractional pressure on the tires.

Finish tightening the lug nuts and test out the tire for leaks.

You’re good to keep cruising!

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