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How to Maintain Your Golf Cart in the Winter.

With a lifespan of at least seven whole years, golf carts can be a source of immense joy during many parts of the year. But, come winter, many lose and need to revive their golf carts with repairs.

To avoid requiring extensive repairs for your golf cart after the winter is over, you must follow these steps to maintain it during the wintertime.

#1. Prepare the Batteries for Winter Storage

The good thing about charged batteries in the winter is that they can’t freeze during low temperatures. So, when you’re packing your batteries for storage, make sure you’ve charged them fully.

#2. Do a Thorough Checkup

During this checkup, you want to review each and every part of your golf cart to see where tune-ups or repairs are necessary.

Check the fuel tank, air filters, fluid levels, tires, etc.

Orange Bintelli Beyond 6PR Street Ready Golf Cart parked in front of the fenced leafy area.

#3. Drain The Fuel

Since you won’t be using your golf cart much in winter while it’s in storage, remember not to leave fuel in your golf cart.

It’s recommended to drain the fuel in the cart because fuel can freeze over in the tanks’ tiniest crevices and lead to problems when you need your golf cart.

#4. Get Your Golf Cart Serviced if Necessary as Soon as Possible Before Winter

Letting a professional perform repairs and maintenance tweaks to your golf cart before winter hits is essential because such services prevent damage further down the line.

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