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How to Take Care of Your Golf Cart During Various Seasons

Golf season is here, and it’s critical that you start it off right with some golf cart upkeep. Since you’ll be getting into your golf cart and onto the fairway, it’s critical that you set aside enough time to do some servicing.

However, you should gain a fundamental grasp of golf carts before embarking on any major upkeep or restoration job. For what it’s worth, even for the uninformed, this concept isn’t that tough to grasp. As it’s a beginner’s manual, we’ll make things as easy as possible.

First, you should know that a golf cart can be driven by either a gas or a battery-powered engine. Both options offer benefits and drawbacks.

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A battery-powered golf cart, for example, will have lower maintenance costs since no gasoline is required. These devices are also more eco-friendly, as they emit no hazardous pollutants. When compared to gasoline golf carts, their efficiency is subpar at best.

Gas-powered golf carts have a powerful engine and provide an overall efficiency improvement. However, you must refill the oil every month; they can be extremely expensive. When you take your foot off the accelerator for a while, the motor in these machines switches off automatically.

Take a look at these five tips to take care of your golf cart in different seasons:

The Primary Concerns In The Winter 

Your main concern in the winter must be your golf cart’s engine. In the context of electric golf carts, regardless of how high-end it is, the battery can cause mechanical failure. As a result, you should recharge the batteries properly before placing your cart in the garage till the summer. Anti-corrosive and acid neutralizer sprays can be used to prevent corrosion.

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If you’re operating a gas golf cart, the motor is by far the most major determinant. These units don’t take a lot of upkeep and shouldn’t cause you any problems. To prevent tires from bursting, inspect the air level in the tires and ensure it’s between twenty and twenty-five PSI.

The Primary Concerns In The Summer

Tires and oil are the two most important issues to address in your golf cart during the summertime. To avoid any mishaps or injuries, it’s critical that you keep your golf cart in good working order.

The initial goal is to ensure that the tires are properly filled and airflow within the recommended range. Repair any deteriorated bushings you locate. Furthermore, you should check the batteries for any indications of galvanic corrosion.

The following are a few fundamental summer upkeep factors to keep in mind:

  1. Examine the steering wheel for looseness and adjust it if necessary.
  2. Examine the motor of a gas-powered golf cart every summer.
  3. Change your spark plugs if they are 3 years old.
  4. Change the oil and filters once a year.
  5. If you see any fractures or faults on the driveshaft, repair it.

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Golf Cart During Any Season

The following are the main five tips to extend the lifespan of your golf cart:

1. Always Examine The Condition Of Your Golf Cart’s Engine

A golf cart engine needs to work for a long time, so it’s important to make sure it’s in good condition before buying one. Get an oil change and rotate the tires if you plan on driving it anywhere. Check the brakes as well as all suspension parts for wear and tear, and make sure they all work properly before taking your new cart out for a spin.

2. Always Check The Water Levels In Your Battery Packs

You should keep close tabs on the water levels in your golf cart battery packs to charge them properly. For your batteries to function efficiently, lead plating must be fully submerged.

To accomplish this, recharge your battery packs. Then, pour purified water, not groundwater, carefully into your battery packs until the water levels are about half an inch above the lead plating. Repeat this practice on a monthly basis to extend the longevity of your golf cart’s batteries.

3. Remember To Lubricate Internal Components

Yes, your golf cart is small; yes, it’s not as complicated as a regular car. That being said, it still consists of intricate components.

All the internal metal parts of your golf cart have to be lubricated by professionals from time to time to keep it running smoothly. The steering wheel and suspicious components must be lubricated regularly.

If you have a hard time maintaining your golf cart yourself, hire professionals to do it for you. Reputable golf cart dealers offer maintenance and repair services that ensure your carts remain in top condition for as long as possible.

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4. Don’t Forget To Check Your Golf Cart’s Brakes

Your brakes, like any other car, should be inspected yearly.

Even though most golf cart owners don’t want to travel too fast, brakes might wear out. Schedule a consultation with a professional to have your cart’s brakes inspected for you. They’ll deal with all of the aspects of the braking system to provide a pleasant and secure drive.

5. Always Inspect And Upgrade Your Tires 

The most cost-effective and uncomplicated option to increase the velocity of your golf cart is to upgrade or inflate the tires. The expanded tires’ increased diameter can increase maximum velocity, although always staying within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Most golf carts come with eight golf cart tires, and based on the width of your tire, you may easily increase the performance of your golf cart by two to four MPH. You may require a lift kit to fit the improved tire size, depending on the design of your cart.

Schedule a Professional Checkup

You’ll still require the assistance of a skilled technician even if you maintain your battery cables, check and fill the tires, and examine your valves on a frequent basis.

Book a consultation with the mechanic once a year to inspect your cart. They’ll analyze your cart thoroughly to guarantee that everything is in functioning order.

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