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How You Can Have Safe, Outdoor Business Meetings during COVID-19

From e-learning, virtual convocations, and consultations to remote meetings and long hours of conference calls, living in the coronial era, we’ve seen it all!

However, a little fresh air with the right precautions can help you clear your mind and boost productivity.

Here are our top 3 ideas for conducting safe outdoor business meetings with work colleagues:

Alfresco Dining

Having business meetings over fine dining has been a common trend for many organizations and businesses; however, this trend has come to a halt amidst the pandemic.

Many restaurants have recently created outdoor seating arrangements for their customers’ ease, allowing outdoor business meetings to make a come-back.

Over a Game of Golf

two businesswomen playing golf

A game of golf is an effective way to blow off some steam and de-stress. Since golf is said to affect mental health positively, a great way to conduct a heated business meeting would be through a golf game!

Connecting with nature helps lower anxiety, and a friendly golf game will help improve your relationship with your colleagues.

If at any point you feel the need to have a one-on-one discussion with your boss, take the golf cart for a spin. It gives you the perfect opportunity to pitch your new idea!

Impress your boss with a personalized music system installed in your golf cart! Our professionals are experts at customizing golf carts according to our customer’s needs.

At a Local Park

Generally crowded and noisy, parks weren’t always the ideal place for having professional meetings. However, many people avoid public places due to the pandemic, giving business executives the perfect chance to schedule business meetings at a local park.

It goes without saying that the ideas mentioned above must be executed in compliance with COVID-19 SOPs. Be sure to maintain social distancing, wear face masks at all times, and sanitizing religiously for your safety and others’.

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