Top Speed : 59MPH (2 Batteries)
43 mile range at high speed!
Avg about 80 miles range going 28 mph!
Rate Power: 5KW


Capacity: 72v 31Ah

Type: 18650 lithium

No. of cells: 180

Controller: FOC

Weight: 11.3kg

Life: after 700 times cycles of charging, 75% capacity left

Charging Time: 6 Hours

Max Rated Power 5kw

Voltage: 72v DC

Max Speed: 59mph

Climbing Capacity: 15°

Front: 240mm single disc,two cylinder piston callipers

Rear: 210mm single disc,single cylinder piston calliper

Front: 37mm inverted hydraulic shock absorber adjustable rebound damping

Rear: Medium hydraulic shock absorber

Front Tire Size: ESl-S PRO: 110/70-17 or 100/80-17 || ESl-X PRO: 90/90-21

Rear Tire Size: ESl-S PRO: 120/70-17 || ESl-X PRO: 4.10-18

Product Dimensions: ESl-S PRO: 2080 mm x 860 mm x 1100 mm || ES1-X PRO: 2080 mm x 860 mm x 1150 mm

Wheelbase: 1470mm

Max Loading Capacity: 150kg

Frame Type: Plate Tube Welding

Net Weight: 110kg

Color: White/Black

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