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Himiway Cobra

Himiway’s high-end geared hub motor uses the latest updated inner ring, enabling high-temperature resistance and better heat dissipation and guarantees longer life expectancy. The geared hub provides massive amounts of torque when powering up steep hills or accelerating quickly from a dead stop. With 1000W of peak motor power, you can easily conquer the most… Continue Reading Himiway Cobra

Himiway Big Dog

Himiway Big Dog, with its powerful 750W gear motor and specialized inner ring, is considered a premium version of the Escape. The rear rack can carry cargo of all shapes and sizes, easily helping you solve the trouble of going out with heavy equipment. Big Dog’s brushless gear hub motor can help you conquer any… Continue Reading Himiway Big Dog

Himiway Escape Pro

Himiway Escape Pro Best selling moped style E-Bike equipped with 48V Samsung battery and 20 x 4 inches fat tires. The multifunctional LCD display can be precisely set and displayed every detailed parameter you expect. Dual Suspension and fat tires provide incredible braking performance and stability. 750W motor power and 7 gear shift system make… Continue Reading Himiway Escape Pro

Himiway Rhino

The Longest Range Performance in The U.S. With two batteries totalling 1,440Wh, you can now easily extend the range and power of your biking journey, making it your exclusive solution to the long and longer range. Two batteries can be charged at the same time, and equipped with two chargers, only takes 5 hours to… Continue Reading Himiway Rhino

Himiway Rambler

The tires of Rambler are designed to provide a smooth, comfortable and efficient ride on city streets and other paved surfaces. They are typically thinner but still offer good traction and stability on smooth or slightly rough surfaces. Battery 48V 15Ah LG lithium battery Range 55 miles Geared Motor 500w hub motor/mid-drive motor Total Payload Capacity 330lbs Recommended Rider… Continue Reading Himiway Rambler

Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra, the updated version of Himiway Cruiser, is equipped with powerful 750W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring. The design of 26-inch Kenda fat tire strengthens the traction, avoiding slipping on the ground and sinking in mud or snow. With removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells, the riding mileage of… Continue Reading Himiway Zebra

Himiway Pony Mini Ebike

Pony is designed to be incredibly lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and transport wherever you go. You can take them on trains, buses, subways, cars or even yacht, making them the perfect travel companion for exploring new places. Battery 36v 5/10ah LG Lithium battery Range 10/20 Miles Hub Motor 300w brushless gear motor Total Payload… Continue Reading Himiway Pony Mini Ebike

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