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Pre-Winter Golf Cart Maintenance

Air smelling like winter and chilly evenings in Bonita Springs is your cue to prep a golf cart for winter. While many cart owners use the vehicles all year round due to mild winters in the region, it is important to maintain the cart before winter.

Golf carts have a 7-year lifespan, but winters come with their problems but you can learn to prepare your golf cart before winter for increased lifespan.

Check the Batteries

It is the basic maintenance tip to check vehicle batteries. Make sure it is fully charged, clean, and disconnected from any electrical drain. Batteries self-charge even when they are disconnected or stored. You should disconnect the wires before winter, or the vehicle won’t start after winter.

Fortunately, with mild temperature in Bonita Springs, batteries won’t freeze. You can charge them and store them away in a safe place. Batteries serve as a fuel tank for electric vehicles, so make sure you don’t need another “fuel tank.”

Clean the Cart

Thoroughly clean your vehicle with water and soap. You can use degrease if needed because it cleans any grime, grease, or dirt on the vehicle’s body.

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Thoroughly Check

Check-up is part of golf cart maintenance, and you should check and re-check the vehicle after every three weeks. You may not use the vehicle in winter, but you should charge the batteries at least every 30 days.

Also, check every part of the vehicle for any necessary repair or tune-ups. Check the hires, air filters, and fuel tank, and fluid levels.

Empty Fuel Tank

Remember to drain the fuel tank because the golf cart will be stored away. Fuel can freeze in the crevices of the tank and cause problems in spring.

Check Tires

Check tire pressure and inflate them if necessary. Keep an optimal tire pressure for better performance and shape.

Storage Space

Store the cart in an ideal environment for the batteries to self-discharge. A cool atmosphere is better for batteries to keep the self-discharge at a low rate. Secure the cart with blocks behind the tires, so it doesn’t move. It will keep the pressure off the brakes and prevent the vehicle from moving.

Golf Cart Service

It is better to let a professional service your golf cart. They know when a cart needs repairs and inform you about any damage that needs to be catered.

If you are looking for professional golf cart services in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Naples, check out SWFL Golf Carts. We offer a golf cart maintenance service and sell custom golf carts. You can also rent golf carts at reasonable prices in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Naples, and other areas. Contact us today to get golf cart services.

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