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Preparing Your Golf Cart for the Summer: A Guide

Summer is usually a great time to visit the golf fields. Warm weather and clear skies attract most enthusiasts back to the courses. If you plan on heading to the golf courses this summer, make sure you perform a quick check on your golf cart before you start your game.

Here is a list of a few things you should keep in mind to keep your cart working properly:

Clean And Charge The Batteries

It is advised to completely charge the batteries after using golf carts, so there’s no problem the next time you get in. Make sure that you disconnect all the wires from the battery to avoid any kind of loss. Take a good look at the manufacturer’s guide about the health of your battery and the caring procedures.

There could be corrosion present on the batteries, so thoroughly check the terminals and cords. You can clean the corrosion using baking soda and water to increase the life of the battery.

Check Brakes And Tires

If the brakes of the vehicle are not working properly, you‘ll be putting yourself at risk. Make sure that you test them out before driving around.

Also remember to fill the tires with air before starting, as well. Make sure that the pressure is maintained in the tires at the start of the game so that they last you the full day.

Golf carts parked with a cover

Keep An Eye On The Water Level And Refill It

The water level needs to be maintained for the proper working of the cart. Make sure that the lead plates are submerged completely in water, otherwise, you’ll need a refill.

Water needs to be distilled as tap water can cause unwanted reactions with the plates. Remember to add water only after charging the battery fully. Check the manufacturer’s guide for all the precautionary measures related to water levels.

Save It From The Heat

Being left out in the sun can cause heat damage to the cart. This affects the engine and battery of the cart and may cause breakdowns. Choose an enclosed space to keep it away from the sun.

If you don’t have space, make sure to get a cover for the cart and park it in the direction where the sunlight is not directly hitting it.

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