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Protecting Your Golf Cart Batteries During the Winter

If you’re one of those people who put away their golf carts for winter storage, there are a few tips for you to consider that will ensure your golf cart battery stays in optimal condition, even if they are parked inside during the colder months.

Golf carts parked in a garage or storage shed for three or more months will most likely drain all their battery and won’t start the coming spring.

We want to educate you about the necessary steps that will help you keep your golf cart batteries in prime condition during the cold winters.

Disconnect Your Battery

Before you park your gold carts in the garage for the winter, make sure that its battery is fully charged, clean, and is disconnected from any source that can drain its power. Batteries connected to a consumption source will discharge even while they are not being used or stored away. Not disconnecting battery wires before parking it for the winter can result in your golf cart not being able to start in the coming spring.

Switch the Key Switch to Off Position

Switch the key switch to the off position. If you have an electric RXV golf cart, set the “Run/Tow” switch to the “Run/Storage” position. Remember that leaving it in the “Tow” position will eventually drain the batteries over time. If you have an electric TXT golf cart, look for the “Tow/Maintenance/Storage” switch and turn it to storage. You will find the power switch under the front passenger seat in these cart types.


Check The Batteries Regularly

Set the alarm on your cellphone to remind yourself to check the battery condition every three weeks, even if your cart is parked and the batteries are disconnected. Golf cart batteries require charging about every 30 days to stay healthy. However, please don’t go ahead and keep your carts constantly plugged in. Doing so can overcharge the batteries and make them weak or even inoperable. Check on the charge every three weeks and recharge it only if it requires charging.

Cover the Terminals

Furthermore, make sure to cover the battery terminals with lubricants like Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Also, ensure to cover all exposed wires with electrical tape. Following these practices can keep your battery from corrosion during winter. Corrosion is considered one of the most common causes of batteries declining over time. By following these simple tips, you can keep your golf cart batteries in prime condition through the winter.

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