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Reasons Your E-Bike’s Battery Is Draining Fast and How to Avoid It

If your e-bike’s battery drains faster than normal, the battery may not be the only thing to blame. How you ride it and other bike components may also be draining it. You can increase your battery’s lifespan and reduce drainage with a few tips.

Top Ways to Maximize Your E-Bike’s Battery Life

Here are some reasons why your e-bike’s battery is draining faster than usual and what you can do about it:

1. Faulty Charger

First, check if you are using a suitable charger. The bike must have come with a charger designed per its make and model. If you lost it and are using another charger, it could be the reason for the lack of power. With time, faulty equipment can ruin your battery, and you will need to replace it sooner than you should.

The Fix

Check if your charger is faulty by plugging it into an outlet and see if the indicator light turns on. If it doesn’t or blinks, it’s defective. You can also use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the voltage output – a zero or below reading means the charger doesn’t work properly. Replace it with one made specifically for your e-bike model to solve this issue.

2. Faulty BMS Unit

A faulty BMS unit can speed up battery drainage. This is what controls the battery and reads it. If it is faulty and unable to determine the charge, it may suck the battery dry sooner prematurely.

The Fix

Solve this issue by resetting the BMS unit or replacing it.

3. You Use a Super-Fast Charger

Even if your super-fast charger ensures your battery is full in record time, it reduces its lifespan. Chargers not made for a particular e-bike battery can strain the cells. Plus, you will get more miles from a bike charged with its original charger than one that isn’t designed for it.

The Fix

Use the fast charger sparingly or if you are on the go. But charge the battery fully at home with the original charger that came with the e-bike.

4. You Use Throttle a Lot

Your battery will drain fast if you rely on the throttle while riding your e-bike. This is understandable since the bike will be doing all the work. The motor will consume a lot of charge, reducing battery life and draining it quickly.

The Fix

Strike a balance between peddling and throttling to maximize e-bike battery life.

5. Your Route Involves Several Slopes

Your e-bike’s motor has to work double-time when you ride it uphill. It has to produce sufficient torque to push you upwards, which can reduce battery charge fast.

The Fix

Use pedal assist initially and start with the highest power possible for maximum torque and strength. Start pedaling when you get to the middle of the hill.

6. Misaligned Battery Prongs

If your battery’s prongs are bent out of shape or aren’t lined up correctly, it can prevent electricity flow from the charger.

The Fix

You can realign the prongs using a wrench or any other tool that is strong enough. If the prongs are too damaged, replace the battery.

7. Loose Connections

A loose battery connection will prevent the battery from getting a sufficient charge. This is a common issue in custom e-bikes that aren’t made by reputable and trustworthy manufacturers such as SWFL Golf Carts.

The Fix

Refer to the manual before searching for and connecting loose wires.

8. Low Battery Life Cycle

Your battery may not be in pristine condition anymore. A standard lithium-ion battery can last for three years maximum, and the charge cycles can range between 300 and 700 depending on the type of e-bike you have. Beyond this threshold, the bike’s performance and quality degrade rapidly.

The Fix

Repair your bike’s battery or replace it with a new one. A dead cell or minor circuit issues are also easy to fix.

An e-bike’s battery can last for the specified lifecycle as long as it isn’t abused. If you depend on the throttle a lot or store your bike roughly, it can also harm the battery. If you are in the market for a new e-bike with a strong battery, check out the selection at SWFL Golf Carts.

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