How to stay safe when riding an eBike?

Safety Tips for Riding an E-Bike

Riding an eBike is beneficial for your health and for the environment. Because they share several features with conventional bikes, electric bikes help you stay fit, lose weight, maintain your cardiovascular health, and also keep your mental health in good shape. Moreover, unlike conventional bikes, they use lithium-ion batteries, which results in reduced emissions.

Despite the endless personal and environmental benefits of riding eBikes, you’re still riding a bike, and you need to stay safe as a result.

Safety Tips for eBikes

Wear a Helmet

When riding an eBike, you must remember that with all the bigger vehicles on the road, the odds are against you. Make sure to protect your head with a helmet, even if you are riding down to a nearby grocery store. You must wear a purpose-built helmet that is specifically designed for eBikes.

These helmets are built similarly to traditional biking helmets, and therefore, they can withstand impacts. Some helmets even have features like bone-conduction headphones and built-in lights,

Pay Attention to the Traffic

When we talk about traffic, we mean wheeled traffic and foot traffic. Most pedestrians and motorists on the road aren’t used to sharing the road with eBike riders. Some of them can’t tell the difference, and therefore, treat all two-wheeled vehicles the same way as conventional bikes.

As an eBike rider, your higher top speeds could take them by surprise, resulting in riskier scenarios. To avoid any unfavorable situation, make sure to be extra vigilant when riding an eBike. After some time, you will develop the right muscle memory, and riding won’t be that challenging.

Make Yourself Visible

Most eBikes are used in urban environments where cyclists compete with various road distractions that vie for a driver’s attention. Therefore, it is important to stand out. One way to do so is to wear colors that make you visible while clashing with the environment.

When riding during the day, make sure to wear high-wiz colors. On the flip side, for nighttime riding, add reflective elements to your clothes and to your kit. Brighter colors and reflective elements will tell the drivers about your presence, thus helping your ride as safely as possible.

Pay Attention to Your Speed

If you are a beginner eBike rider, or an experienced rider exploring a new neighborhood, make sure not to take your speed up to the maximum. First of all, get used to handling your eBike, as it is very different from handling a traditional bike.

Moreover, in the beginning, learn to slow down and spend time studying the environment. As you start getting good at it, speed it up just a little bit. With time and practice, you’ll get the hang of the speed range you are comfortable with.

Apply Brakes Earlier

Because they have a battery, electric bikes are faster than regular bikes. Moreover, the added weight of the battery makes them heavier too. Applying the brakes at the last minute, especially when riding in wet conditions, can make you lose control of the bike, which may result in an accident. Each eBike has a different braking power range, depending on the manufacturer.

Your braking power is also determined by the wear on the bike, as well as the weather conditions. In the beginning, it should be your mission to get familiar with the braking system and the braking power it offers. The sooner you learn to apply the brakes, the safer you will be.

Minimize the Number of Distractions

Like any other vehicle, riding an electric bike is filled with distractions. So, whether it’s a billboard or picturesque scenery, your job is to stay focused on the road. By focusing on your path, you will ride safely and reach your destination on time. Also, don’t make the mistake of using your phone when riding. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Safely Mount and Dismount

eBikes are a blessing for senior people and those with mobility problems. However, their popularity within the demographic can also result in injuries. Much of it also has to do with the weight of an eBike, and the novelty attached to it. Most senior people have difficulty distinguishing between eBikes and regular bikes.

As a result, they make mistakes when mounting and dismounting an eBike. Therefore, senior people and beginners should practice how to mount and dismount an electric bike. Also, when mounting and dismounting your eBike, make sure to do it in a garden or on your lawn. The soft grassy surfaces will cushion you against trips and falls.

Use Bike Mirrors

Most bikers have a habit of glancing over their shoulders to check what approaches them from behind. While it seems harmless, it increases your likelihood of stepping over a rock or another other obstruction. In a worst case scenario, you can crash into a vehicle or pedestrian in front of you. Therefore, make sure to have mirrors installed on your eBike to see what’s behind you.

Ways to stay safe when riding an eBike.

Follow the Traffic Rules

An electric bike is subject to the same set of rules as a regular bike. Make sure to stop at the red light as they aren’t only for cars. Some roads even have specific spots for eBikes to pull over. Make sure you wait for the green signal to resume your ride. If there are designated lanes for cyclists, don’t drive outside them. Also, don’t ride on the pavement unless there is a designated pavement for cyclists. Lastly, never drive when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence can land you in legal trouble, and it is also dangerous for you and others around you.

Final Word

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