Here at SWFL Golf Carts LLC we understand that not everyone wants or needs to buy a new Golf Cart for $5k-$10k. Thats a lot of money by any stretch. As a solution for our local Golf Cart Enthusiast’s we have created a mobile UPGRADE and Service department.

With us you will now be able to have upgrades such as Rims/Tires, Lift kits, Upgraded LED light kits, Under Glow light kits, After market steering wheels, Music, USB ports for your phones, Extended roofs, Rear seat kits etc etc.

We can accomplish this and much more all at your house. You are no longer without your golf cart for 2 weeks just to get work done. Fill out the form below for your FREE, FAST, No Obligation quote.

Upgrading or Servicing Your Golf Cart is as Easy as 1,2,3


Submit the form above. Our staff is friendly and knowledgable. With a combined Golf Cart technical experience of over 20 years we are uniquely qualified to help your determine what will and wont work with your specific Golf Cart.


Once you and the team have selected your upgrades and or service work items, the team will immediately get to work and order your supplies. We do not schedule the work until the supplies have arrived, so you are never without your cart while waiting on supplies!


The not so fun part! We know 🙁  – PLease know our goal is to offer extreme value with a cost effective approach. Once your supplies have been located we do collect a 50% deposit prior to placing the order. This is your commitment to the transaction. At that time we will place the order and schedule a tenative install date once the supplies have been shipped from our warehouse. This way when the supplies arrive we are ready to get your cart taken care of asap!


Our onsite Technicians, Mocas or Eric, will be out to your home to perform the upgrades and or service. Your Cart is almost finished! Time to Celebrate 🙂  Once Mocas or Eric has completed the job you will be sent an email with the final balance to be paid. It really is a painless process and we look forward to upgrading or servicing your Golf Cart in the near future!

What kind of work can we do on site?

And much much more….. Call our team today. We would love to help!

p.s. We offer a 10% discount on any orders $600 or over.

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