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Should Your Children Drive Golf Carts?

The secret’s out: golf carts aren’t only for the golf course anymore! Golf cart enthusiasts have begun conveniently driving golf carts through parks, gated communities, significant college campuses,  retirement homes, hiking trails, and even while hunting.

Indeed, golf carts are now regularly used on the streets with other vehicles.

Parents consider that golf carts can’t go beyond 15 miles per hour and justify that their child driving it isn’t a big deal since the golf cart won’t drive too fast.

However, children driving golf carts aren’t as secure as these notions would have parents believe.

This blog will go over why children should not be behind the wheel in a golf cart, the driver’s minimum age should be 16, and some miscellaneous driving tips for golf carts.

Should Your Child Drive a Golf Cart? 

The fact is that children shouldn’t ever drive a golf cart. Without supervision, they can get into painful and costly accidents. There are biological reasons we have minimum age restrictions in place for driving. While a child may seem mentally more mature than their peers to their parents, children are still developing their motor skills and cognitive abilities to make judgments.

While you may be under the impression that a golf cart is not the same as a car, you must remember that a golf cart is still a powerful vehicle and not a toy for children.

Possible Injuries

Golf cart accidents result in worse injuries in children than in adults. Children can get bruises, lacerations, subdural hematomas, concussions, develop respiratory issues, and experience more severe consequences in golf cart accidents.

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Golf Cart Driving Safety Tips

  1. You must always wear a seat belt when driving a golf cart, no matter how old you are.
  2. When the weather is terrible, you must go slower to get from A to B safely.
  3. Do not make sharp turns with your golf cart.

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