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Some Leading Benefits of an Electric Golf Cart

David Zipper is spot on when he mentions that the future of transportation is not self-driving cars but eco-friendly means of urban mobility. The electric golf cart could be aptly categorized as the new eco-friendly means of mobility in urban centers. Researchers at the Harvard Business School find the electric cart a disruptive innovation in transportation. The cart’s fast, compact and trendy.

Let’s consider some more benefits of an electric golf cart.

Electric Golf Carts Are Emission-Free

Like a battery-powered automobile, an electric golf cart is less noisy than a gas-powered golf cart. They are emission-free vehicles and don’t produce carbon monoxide emissions, unlike gas-powered golf carts.

They Are More-Affordable

Electric golf carts don’t have the same composition as gas-powered golf carts. They are easily assembled and require fewer parts to help them function.

Electric Golf Carts Have A Lower Operational Cost

You will find it easier to operate an electric golf cart than a gas-powered one. A gas model will need intermittent oil changes and parts replacement over time. Such is not the case with electric golf carts. They are the easiest to ride and come with various tech-advanced features.

The latest by Bintelli, the 2022 Bintelli Beyond 6 PR, comes with a Bluetooth sound system, a reverse camera, and hydraulic disc brakes. We have the vehicle in stock. Connect with our golf cart dealers in Naples to buy a golf cart.

Less Depreciation

A standard electric golf cart has less equipment than a gas-powered one. This means reduced parts maintenance hassle and better resale value.

the new Bintelli Golf cart model

Excellent Replacement for Short Trips

Pulling out the car for a short excursion can be cumbersome. Besides, it’s not a very environmentally friendly option. An electric golf cart is a perfect replacement for cars—especially for a drive to a nearby restaurant, school, or a friend’s house. Electric golf carts are significantly lighter and slower than most road vehicles. You have an additional plastic enclosure to keep you safe from the sun.

New Bintelli golf cart models come equipped with windshields and 14″ wheels for a convenient commute. In Bonita Springs? Schedule a test drive for the super savvy 2022 Bintelli Beyond 4PR at our golf cart services in Bonita and Naples.

Buy Electric Golf Carts at SWFL Golf Carts!

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