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Specifications to Look for While Buying an E-Bike

Whether you want to go for long rides without getting winded or are searching for eco-friendly transportation options, an e-bike will be worth your investment. But which one should you get?

Top E-Bike Specifications You Should Look For

Before purchasing an electric bike for the first time, check if it has the specifications you are looking for. Common ones include the following:

1. Power Source

Depending on your needs, you can get e-bikes with pedal assist, manual peddling, and electric modes. If you have pain in your legs and knees or don’t want to pedal, opt for electric and ensure it can propel forward with the throttle. Some electric bikes offer both pedals and throttle.

2. Battery Manufacturer

E-bikes from reputable brands have longer and more reliable charge cycles since they undergo stringent performance tests before they are delivered to retailers. Some of them include Aventon, Elite V, Electric Bike Co, and Bintelli, to name a few.

3. Battery Voltage and Capacity

If you plan on riding on flat roads and pavements, choose an e-bike with a 36-volt battery, but if your routes involve several hills, opt for a unit with a 48-volt battery. It has the power to push heavy riders uphill without giving out.

Most e-bike batteries have a capacity range between 10 and 20 amp hours. The higher the capacity, the more range you will get.

4. Weight Support

E-bikes are built almost the same as regular bikes, so they share weight limits. Most can support 300 lbs, but lighter weights are recommended. Most manufacturers post 50 lbs lower than this weight limit to ensure their bikes can last longer. Additional weight can wear down the spokes.

5. Motor Type

E-bikes are available with hub or mid-drive motors, and both have pros and cons. The former has been around for years and is known for its reliability. The motor is mounted on the front or back wheel in these bikes. But most people prefer a back-mounted motor since it balances the bike.

Mid-drive motors, on the other and, are located at the bottom bracket area of the bike, i.e., closer to its center of gravity. It stabilizes the bike, and since it is near the chainset, it reacts to your pedal torque more efficiently and improves performance. It’s why they are best for uphill rides. Hub motors, on the other hand, only move the wheel forward.

6. Watt-Hr

The unit for battery life is watt-hrs, and you want the biggest number possible here. To determine how much you need, take the watt-hrs of the e-bike you have your eye on and divide it by 15. That will give you a rough mileage that you can expect from the battery.

7. Battery Range

This is one of the most common e-bike specifications that most people ask when they get a new one. Battery range refers to the distance the bike can go on a single charge. The answer is flexible since the range depends on several factors. This includes the number of times you stop and start the bike, weight, tire pressure, temperature, wind resistance, and how hard you pedal.

So rather than taking the battery range a seller tells you at face value, find out the other details so you can come up with your own estimate. In most bikes, it lies between 30km and 100km per riding conditions.

8. Pedal Assist and Throttle

You can get an e-bike with a throttle or pedal assist. The former engages the motor whether you pedal or not, and the latter turns on the motor when you pedal. Some e-bikes have both options, but your choice should depend on your needs and personal preference. There isn’t much difference between the two features, as people might think, since riding the bike will feel so natural that you will use either of these features without thinking.

A standard pedal assist system depends on a sensor to determine when you start pedaling, and a torque sensor determines how much you are pushing and gives sufficient power when prompted. A cadence system can detect how fast you rotate the pedals and apply more power accordingly. At this point, you will notice a notable ‘whoosh’ sound when you rotate the pedals.

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