Flexible LED lights for Golf carts

The Best LED Lights for Your Golf Cart

Led light glow kits can be used to modify your cart as you want, as these kits aren’t that expensive. There are various types of under glow LED light kits available in the market that go well with different styles and sizes of SWFL Golf Carts. Here we will be talking about the different types of LED lights available in the market and what sets them apart from their competition. Let’s look at some of the best-LED lights for your golf carts in Bonita Springs in 2022.

LED Glow 12 Pieces Million Color LD Golf Cart

This type of LED light is good for both gas and electric golf carts. These wireless remote kits help with changing light colors. These kits come with a power control box of 12 volts that provides equal power and brightness level to the whole light strip. There are about nine different light color options with this kit. The manufacturer of this kit is all about adhering to international safety standards and versatile and green lighting solutions. This kit has 5050 SMD LED bulbs, which are the brightest yet in the market.

Botepon 6 pc Rock Lights

These come in sets of six and have five different color schemes. While these may seem way fewer than those found in other brands, this particular golf cart lightning solution is enough for quite a few color combinations. These LED lights are extra flexible because of the transparent and waterproof coating. These lights can be twisted and turned to place them around golf cart curves and corners. You can either ask us at SWFL Golf Carts to screw these on your custom-built golf carts or use adhesive tape to stick them in place.

The power box for these rock lights runs on twelve-volt power, and it comes equipped with a control device that makes switching between different LED colors easier.


This kit comes with Bluetooth, where most of its functions and controls are online. However, it also comes with a remote control like all other kits do for managing different light patterns. As far as its installation process is concerned, it’s pretty easy as it comes with its detailed manual. The light strip for this under glow Led kit is covered by a transparent, waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof coating, which also aids in increasing the life and durability of these lights. This kit brings out your inner creative director because of its versatility and unlimited customization options.

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Get the best-LED lights installed for your golf cart. At SWFL Golf Carts, we provide exceptional golf cart services to help you customize your golf carts the way you want. Contact us now to learn how we can help transform your golf cart into a glowing beauty.

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